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  1. Thanks a lot !! You truly are a Super Hero =DD Now Ive learned a new method you are teaching me ! It feels great to learn new things ~ Thank you Dipscom ! Have a nice Day !
  2. Hello Dipscom , Sorry for late reply , here is codePen what if I want all the red boxes to show up at the same time . How can I do that inside a forLoop ? Thanks again =))
  3. Hello Dipscom , Thanks for your kind replying and sorry for my bad description of the question . what I mean is the for example '.stoneDestination' element's css is ( left : 100 and top : 100 ) . After first loop and Timeline.from() , '.stoneDestination' 's css is set to (for example left : 200 and top : 200 ) due to the logic inside my tl.fromTo(). But I want css is still ( left : 100 and top : 100 ) I also found it solved by using Timeline.fromTo method , but the '.stoneDestination' moves one by one . Is there any way to make them move at the same time ? Thanks .
  4. Hello , Im new to GreenSock fourm . the question is I have a target using Timeline in forloop and the target's position changed to where the first loop started . I want it to be the same position to go . How can i fix it ? Any help would be appreciated . thanks ! let tl = new TimelineLite() for (let i = 0; i < this.restoreInnerStone.length; i++) { tl.from(".stoneDestination", 1, { left: this.restoreInnerStone[i].xx, top: this.restoreInnerStone[i].yy, });