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  1. Hi Craig, I can now see how you incorporated the array into the initial code I had. Thank you for taking time out to look, it's much appreciated. This will help greatly going forward. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm using ScrollTrigger with SplitText across many titles down a page. I've read the documentation and can see a section related to this in the "Most Common ScrollTrigger Mistakes" section. I see I need to create a toArray. I'm just a little unsure how to apply this code to the SplitText code I'm using. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  3. Thanks Craig. I already figured after going back over the documentation and looking at some similar examples that I needed to timeline the bits together. Thanks for taking time out to look.
  4. Just to update on this. I've re-worked the svg and got working using the drawSVG function. My next question is how do I stagger the animation? At the minute when you scroll down everything animates together, rather than one item after another. My guess this is something to do this the start value on the scroll trigger? Also might be best to view on codepen. For some reason the embedded pen above seems buggy. Thanks
  5. Cheers for the reply. Yes I think I'll re-work the svg arrows into two pieces each and use drawSVG.
  6. I have an svg circular shape which I'm trying to change the fill colour for different segments of the shape on scroll. Using pinned ScrollTrigger. The problem I'm facing is I've only done something like this using the DrawSVGPlugin which animates the stroke (see codepen). What I want to do is animate the fill on scroll (clockwise or top to bottom). Any ideas best way to do this? I've attached a rough gif (ignore it's looped) to give you an idea. I want to carry the colours rounds different colour for each arrow. Thanks
  7. Excellent. Thank you so much @Jo Mourad & @Cassie 👍
  8. That works great. But the shape jumps at the start of the ScrollTrigger. Any idea why?
  9. Hi, I'm doing a basic shape rotating using ScrollTrigger, and I've got the fundamentals working fine. Rather than the shape rotating from the centre point, is it possible to specify a particular corner from which the rotating will axis (example, bottom right corner)? Also, is there a way to determine how many rotations are to be made rather than using duration? Apologises if this is in the documentation and I've completely missed it. Thanks
  10. Looking for a decent freelance GSAP developer that can help me with some animations on a Wordpress video site I’m working on. There will be various bits to do depending on what is possible within the constraints of the setup. 1. Want a main page building like this: https://dark.netflix.io/en/family-tree So the main elements will be images and text underneath and animated lines connecting. The functions will include’: • ‘tilt’ on mouse movement • Simple line animations - svg / css • Zoom In / Out / Pan - If this is going to be time consuming I can always use jQuery to do this. 2. Transition functions on click (not sure if these are possible on a Wordpress build). Can speak in further details about this directly. Anyone interested please DM me or send email to alex@kodr.io if you're interested in this job. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for getting back to me Jack. What you said sounds great. I'll update the post with my own codepen if I get stuck on anything. I'll also add a final codepen once i'm done. It might be of use to someone else at some point.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to re-create a function like used on this page: https://dark.netflix.io/en/family-tree (I know this site was built using gsap). I don't have a working pen right now. But I'll build out the main content of the page using html <canvas> then I just need to be able to zoom in / out / pan around and create slight tilt effect on mouse movement. My question is which of the various gsap plugins should I be using for which parts? Any help in the right direction will be great before I have a go at this. I did do a little searching beforehand and found this nice zoom / pan function (see codepen below). Maybe something like this for the tilt function (see codepen below) Not sure if it matters to much but I think these examples might be a little old now (not using gsap 3) Thanks in advance. https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/pedmMW https://codepen.io/alexkodr/pen/ZEeqBmZ
  13. Cheers for pointing me in the right direct Zach. I should be able to figure it out from here. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm trying to get some images to have slight Y movement on scroll within each image containing div (overflow hidden). Similar to how the images move on this site: https://cuberto.com/projects/datalight/ I just can't figure out what i'm doing wrong here. I've had a look through the parallax demo's, but nothing stands out. Anyone point me in the right direction here? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, New to using gsap, very good so far. Just wrapping my head around the functions. I'm currently using tilt.js (little jQuery plugin) to adjust perspective on some elements on hover. It works fine, but i've see a few sites doing the same function using gsap - with better effect (much smoother). I've got an example of what i'm trying to achieve here: https://www.raoul-gaillard.com/work if you move your cursor around you will notice maybe 3 different image elements tilt around. I can see this is being done using gsap. Can anybody point me in the right direction where to start in creating something like this? I'm sure there is a bit of work involved, i'm just unsure where to start (hence why i've not attached a codepen - sorry). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks