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  1. Then me as well... baffled. If I see that behavior again, I'll pay close attention and get back to you. Thanks for all your help and responsive attention. Have a good holiday.
  2. On the greensock home/js page (http://www.greensock.com/gsap-js/) there is the "Download JS" button on the upper right. I used that in the same browser before I opened the site, and that's when I saw the behavior for which I shared the screenshot. I don't know if the two are linked, but that's all I was sharing. (I may have used the download GSAP button in the upper left as well?) Hope that clarifies!
  3. Thanks Jack and Carl. I restarted firefox, ran it again and also found no errors. It appears whatever was happening was an artifact, possibly from using the Greensock downloader (Does that use Flash)? Anyway, like you, I was dumfounded seeing actionscript errors on a javascript runtime. I thought I was going crazy! Thanks again and happy Thanksgiving, Pol
  4. I'm getting an actionscript error on the console but i'm doing an HTML5 simple javascript tween.to. screenshot of error attached. see all files in action here-> http://polklein.com/gs
  5. Got it working! Thanks for updating the CSS plugin, I really appreciate it. One note and one more question: Question: How do I change the animation step size (meaning the frame rate so to speak, or the interval at which the animation is updated), so I can lower the processing burden on older and less efficient browsers such as IE? (also if you happen to know for Jquery, that would also be a bonus) Note: I did need the browser-specific CSS for IE and older other browsers (wouldn't work without)
  6. You're amazing, thank you so much! I'll address all of those and re-download and get back to you with the results.
  7. Hi, First - thanks so much for making this javascript framework! I've been trying to get an animation going in IE7/8 that I got to work on all other browsers using your framework, but it doesn't function properly in those browsers. You can see it in action here: http://neu14.com/transitions/print/index2.html I'm also attaching my files -> see index2.html (that one uses greensock). Thanks for any thoughts! Pol PS: I'm unclear if I need the CSS plugin for rotation or opacity or not since they both can be numeric? (I used it, but not sure if it was needed) animation.zip
  8. One more thing - What imports are required for this? I'm getting an error when I use e:LoaderEvent (can't convert type to LoaderEvent)?
  9. Thank you! I wasn't able to determine that from the documentation... Much appreciated, Pol
  10. Hi, I can't seem to find in the docs how to write the syntax for a VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE event. The events listed in the docs don't specify this event (only the constant itself) and when I run the following code I get an error that it can't convert LoaderEvent to VideoLoader (when the function videoComplete() is called): import com.greensock.loading.*; import com.greensock.events.*; var video:VideoLoader; stop(); function loadVideoAndPause():void { video = new VideoLoader("video/pol.flv",{autoPlay:false,volume:0}); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE,videoComplete,false,0,true); video.load(); addChild(video.content); } function videoComplete(e:VideoLoader):void { video.gotoVideoTime(0,false,true); dispatchEvent(new Event("complete")); } Thanks for any help!
  11. Thank you Greensock! This is super helpful and a great explanation. Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough in your response. I'm excited to try and get this code working. If I have any code issues, I may post again on this thread with my code for a bit more help. In appreciation, Pol
  12. Hi! I was able to re-generate the same problem (after unload(), starts loading again(?) and breaks). I've packaged up the simple test-FLA and related swfs for you to look at....? NOTE: I've commented out the offending line // que.unload(); so you can see it working without. It also works fine with que.dispose(); but not unload()? The problem is that my sample file (with 3 swfs) is greater than 1MB. Is there another way I can get it to you? And can I do so without posting it for everyone (as there are some proprietary SWFs in there)? Thanks a bunch, Pol
  13. Hi I have a simple question. I want to load sets of SWFs that go together so I can control the priority in sets, as follows (I'm showing 2 sets, but there will actually be more): set 1 (prioritized): SWF-A (prioritized), SWF-B set 2: SWF-C (prioritized), SWF-D I know how to create sets 1 and 2 in code. But I don't know how to then create a next-level (higher level) queue so that I can prioritize one set over another set dynamically? Does that make sense? Any pointers on how to code this? Here is my best guess, but I'm concerned if this code below is adding the same loaders to 2 queues or is doing what I intend, or even if it is coded correctly? var que1:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"Que1",onComplete:que1Complete,onError:que1Error}); que1.append(new SWFLoader("swfA.swf",{...})); que1.append(new SWFLoader("swfB.swf",{...})); que1.prioritize("swfA",true); var que2:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"Que2",onComplete:que2Complete,onError:que2Error}); que2.append(new SWFLoader("swfC.swf",{...})); que2.append(new SWFLoader("swfD.swf",{...})); que2.prioritize("swfC",true); var mainQue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"MainQue",onComplete:mainQueComplete,onError:mainQueError}); mainQue.append(que1); (?) mainQue.append(que2); (?) mainQue.prioritize("que1",true); (?) mainQue.load (?)
  14. Oh good, you found this code. It's good to hear that it worked perfectly for you with your mc's. I'll be getting back to this portion of the project tonight and tomorrow and will take a second look. If I don't find the problem in my own code, I'll try to re-create it as you say in a simple FLA (which I already created the other day to begin testing that module). So I'll keep you informed of my progress. I'm pretty sure the issue is on my end as well... unless I created some very unusual context (even so, probably on my end). I originally asked because I didn't know if that's what unload was supposed to do and I just didn't understand the paradigm (or maybe I was using it incorrectly)? Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your focus and assistance! Pol