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  1. Hello , I would like to know how i can change the point value of this plugin but without recreate the tween object, if it's possible. Initialisation var tweenResizePoint:Point = new Point(0,0); _growTween = new TweenLite (card, 0.3, {transformAroundPoint:{point:tweenResizePoint, scaleX:2.2, scaleY:2.2}, ease:Back.easeOut,paused:true}); onOver of a button _growTween.play(); onOverOut of this same button _growTween.reverse(true); onClick of this same button // I know this modification don't affect the tween but this is for the idea tweenResizePoint.x += 5; tweenResizePoint.y -= 10; thanks for your help, best regards, Drazhaar