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  1. When I trigger animation for the first time plays as expected. After I play it second time becomes buggy? Any idea why? Thanks!!
  2. @ZachSaucier Thats it! Thank you so much ?
  3. Hello dear GreenSock friends, I started learning Morph SVG and I stuck a little. Im morphing between 3 paths and step 2 is visible. What is doing now is going from step 1 to 2. Stop. Then it's going from 2 to 3. Is it possible that all 3 steps are in one "easing" so the visitor don't see that stoping?
  4. Hey @ZachSaucier it's not a joke. I'm just looking on bigger picture. They created a tool, forum and engaged people to collaborate. That's why I'm glad I invested money in this tool and not some other one.
  5. Thanks @ZachSaucier I'm really glad I bought premium package. This support it's priceless!
  6. @Shaun Gorneau https://codepen.io/krstivoja/pen/dybOXmo?editors=1010 I managed to create this based on yours pen. Thanks a lot and I still need to read a lot about gsap and differences between: "var tl = new TimelineLite() tl.to" and "TweenLite.to"
  7. Hey @Shaun Gorneau Thanks for reply and solution. Goal for me is to create menu navigation when I will have different animation when it's opening and when it's closing. That's why I imagine that with 2 timelines. 1st timeline when you are opening it and 2nd time line on closing. Does that make sense?
  8. Thanks in advance. I'm wondering how to make odd and even timeline trigger on click. I found solutions for reverse but I would like do to something else when animation is going back. Thats why I created tl1 and tl2 but not sure how to trigger tl1 on first click and tl2 on second.
  9. WOW thank you!!! ❤️ Tweening will be happy now
  10. Hey @PointC Thanks for reply, It make sense when you say it but in code does work. I created new timeline for exit but that don't work. https://codepen.io/krstivoja/pen/OKXqyL?editors=0010 If you can please take a look. Thanks!
  11. I created start and end timeline. 2 timelines. 1 for entry and 1 for exit. But they go one after another. How to start second timeline when object is 80% of the end of his height?
  12. Yes, Thank you so much for this! @PointC
  13. Hey @ZachSaucier Thanks for reply but that doesn't solve my problem. I managed to fade in but I can not do fade out when section start going away...
  14. Can someone please help me to animate fade in .box-1, .box-2, .box-3, then they are sections are pinned and to fade it out when they are unpined ( start moving again ). I'm busting my head for couple of hours now :((((
  15. Thanks @mikel, @PointC Will try with scroll magic! Totally forgot about it
  16. I'm adding class with jQuery on div after scroll. Inside that I'm having SVG. I would like to trigger animation after I get class animate-now on scroll. Anyone can help me with that one?
  17. WOW. Perfect. Thank you so much for this one!!!!
  18. Sure. Thanks for answering. My specific question is how to animate it column by column and not element by element?
  19. Does anyone have an idea of how to replicate this anime.js animation? https://tympanus.net/Development/GridLoadingAnimations/ I like how there is done columns animations stagger, especially in Alum effect.
  20. I want to animate logo but I'm getting that #bottomLogo is not defined. Anyone can help me with this one, please ❤️
  21. @PointC Yeah. I was also playing with opacity. and In debug I saw that on first click it's setting opacity and then play. but could not figured out how to fix it. Thanks a lot
  22. WOW @PointC Thank you so much! GreenSock is so much fun with this great and kind community !
  23. Hello good people. I have a strange questions. I created animation play / reverse, but to start it I need to click twice and after that it works as it's should be... Any suggestion for this weird behaviour? Thanks! ❤️