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  1. Hi all, My site is www.kylemichel.me. I'm looking to pay $50/hr for a GSAP developer to peruse my GSAP code that is not optimized for performance and make general edits as you see fit to help me achieve higher framerates, especially on first load without cache. I've already tried my best to optimize, but I'm not very experienced and need someone more familiar with the platform. Start date would hopefully be today, and end date would be whenever the job is complete. I expect hour by hour updates, no need to record screen/log changes, etc. Please DM me on the
  2. @GreenSock Thanks so much for the help. I'm sifting through your recommendations to see what works (btw I am on a mac, using Chrome...). Quick question... As soon as I applied xPercent and yPercent instead of x: and y:, I got this console error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'startAt' on string '-=1.9' Any idea why this may be happening? The startAt property worked perfectly before I started using xPercent and yPercent. By the way, the live URL is http://www.kylemichel.me/final/index.html
  3. Hey everyone - so excited to be exploring GSAP recently. I've been working on building a new portfolio and GSAP has unlocked an entirely new world for me... have been a web developer and designer for a while but I have a feeling I'll be in this community for a long time. I have been getting along quite nicely in regards to the learning curves of the various plugins, but I've been running into some performance issues that consistently result in lost frames/stuttering animations. I've cut out different parts of my timelines and narrowed the "problem child" down to translating PNGs.