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  1. rakan

    circle rotation

    Thank you so much
  2. rakan

    circle rotation

    I have three circles that are ' load_animation_1, load_animation_2 and load_animation_3' and I want to scale them from the edge of the border circle not from the same point https://codepen.io/rakan49/pen/QYJpwZ
  3. rakan

    circle rotation

    Hey! I tried to change the origin point of the circles to start scale animation from the edge but it doesn't work! How can I change it?
  4. rakan

    circle rotation

    @Rodrigo thanks a lot for your help.
  5. rakan

    circle rotation

    @Shaun Gorneau @Rodrigo Thanks.. But how can I stop rotation after loading the page? Also I'm using barba.js to transit between pages so when I go to the next page, the animation doesn't work. Why it doesn't work as when I refresh the page? https://codepen.io/rakan49/pen/OdwMVY
  6. rakan

    circle rotation

    hello, I am very new at tweenmax. I made an image. But I would like a circle to move circularly around image. How can I do it?