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  1. There is you are showing that your chars have parent's id. I know and understand this solution. But, if these chars are in the array (not in DOM), how will it be shown?
  2. Hello dear community. I have big interesting issue. I need to animate string. This string will be animated divided on chars. I know how i'll animate it. But, i cannot understand how i need to show this string. This method doesn't work. $.each(charsArr, function(i) { tl.to($(this).find("#section-1"), 2.5, { autoalpha: 1, fontSize: "2vw", color: "#eeeeee", opacity: 100,
  3. Cere6ellum

    Null target

    Good day dear community. Can't resolve a problem. I wanna add tween to timeLine animation. It works. It will be an animation cosist of multiple sub-animations, that will be performed in parallel. But. Chrome shows me the error: I can't understand what's happened. Please advice me. What am i doing wrong? <div class="section-3"> <span id="dots"> <span></span> <span></span> <span></span> </span> </div> var b3Text = $("#dots"); var tl3 = new TimelineMax({paused: true}); function spin(elem) { $(elem.find("span")).each(function(i) { TweenMax.to($(this), 2.5, { x: randomWithBounds(0, $(this).parent().parent().width() - 10), y: randomWithBounds(0, $(this).parent().parent().height() - 10), delay: i + 2, rotationX: 360, ease: Power1.easeInOut, onComplete: function() { spin(elem); } }, 0.1); }) } tl3.to(spin(b3Text), 1, { repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 0.5 }); tl3.play();