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  1. Your solution does not seem to solve my issue but it gave me a good hint. I changed my code in this way .to('#navigation', {duration:0.01, 'pointerEvents':'all'}) .addLabel('pause_menu') .to('#navigation', {duration:0.01, 'pointerEvents':'none'}) This seems to work as I intended. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I can't make this animation do what I want it to do, I can not understand why. I have a button that calls function menuAnimation which plays my timeline, based on condition whether variable is_menu_active is true or false. My problem is that the tween from START_MENU to PAUSE_MENU skips pointerEvents:all, does not stops at label ''pause_menu, then goes to the next step pointerEvents:none. What is wrong with this code? Thank you. btn_menu.addEventListener('click', (e) => { e.preventDefault(); menuAnimation(); }); var tl_menu_animation = gsa