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  1. I am trying to fix a title until it reaches the section below. It all works fine unless I resize the window which can change the height of the title (if it goes onto more lines) and so the end position is now wrong. I am using the title height in order to position it correctly : var titleHeight = document.querySelector(".project-title").offsetHeight; Inside scrolltrigger: end: "top bottom-=" + titleHeight, How can I update the titleHeight on browser resize ? or is there another way to set this value dynamically during the scroll so it always checking what the current height is?
  2. Thank you that works great. When you say it's a peculiar setup, is there a better way to do this?
  3. I would like to play the reverse (text is deleted) at twice the speed of when it plays forward (text types in). Is this possible, prehaps using time scale somehow?
  4. Ah thank you!, I have updated and it's working great. Stupid typo! <div id="#content"> <--
  5. I am trying to have an intro section fade out using scrub as you scroll down the page (the viewport height) to reveal the next section under it. At the moment it is not pinning and the scrub does not work, where am I going wrong?
  6. Great thank you, I used that + and offset based on the title height.
  7. I want to pin a title until it aligns to the section below. I am confused about how I can express this in the end value - is it possible to pass an element to the end value?
  8. gareth

    Simple pin section

    yes sorry, was just about to mark as solved.
  9. gareth

    Simple pin section

    I am trying to keep a section pinned (fixed in place) while the next section is scrolled over it.
  10. Hi, I have a series of "A" shapes that I would like to morph between, they shapes are very similar to each with the same amount of points, but I can't get a clean animation, the cut out in the middle keeps flipping and the origin and shapeindex properties appear to have no effect. thanks!
  11. I am trying to animate type along a svg path. Thanks to some help from demos on this forum, I am very close to the effect I am after. The problem I have is the kerning (space between each letter ) is messed up. I understand this is because I am not allowing for the individual character widths within my start and end positions. Is it possible to access these within the forEach loop?
  12. I am trying to blend a linear gradient fill of a svg so it cycles through a few colors. The gradient looks how I want, but the tween feels very choppy. I know this is because of the way I have used stagger, but not sure what approach to take to make is color change smoother, but still have the gradient change from left to right?
  13. yes, sorry that's what I meant.
  14. very cool, thank you - did not know you could loop a tween in a forEach like that.
  15. @ZachSaucier Thank you for taking the time to explain how to code more efficiently with gsap, this is what I ended up with: const colors1 = ['#ffae65', '#ffd898', '#acaf9d']; const colors2 = ['#110029', '#f61317', '#ffa600']; const colors3 = ['#ffb72f', '#e1ceb7', '#8199ac']; const colors4 = ['#ffb72f', '#e1ceb7', '#8199ac']; const colors5 = ['#ffb075', '#ff8c73', '#e0508c']; const colors6 = ['#ffb075', '#ff8c73', '#e0508c']; const colors7 = ['#00f050', '#00f050', '#00f050']; const gradTl = gsap.timeline({defaults: { duration:1, stagger:.2,ease:"Power4.inOut" } }); gradTl.to("#gradient stop", {keyframes: [ {stopColor: (i) => colors1[i]}, {stopColor: (i) => colors2[i]}, {stopColor: (i) => colors3[i]}, {stopColor: (i) => colors5[i]}, {stopColor: (i) => colors6[i]}, {stopColor: (i) => colors7[i]} ]}); gsap.from("#sun", 10, {y:200,ease:"Power4.inOut"}) The bit I am still unsure of is how to loop through the colors arrays in a timeline tween.
  16. thanks! this helped me a lot: https://codepen.io/garethj/pen/dyOXBQK
  17. I am trying to transition a fill of a svg shape through a few different gradients. At the moment I have it working so the shape changes to the same new color for each stop, but is it possible to change each stop color independent ? Thanks!
  18. I have a site with ajax page loads (using highway js). On one of the pages I have a looping timeline tween. Should I try and kill this tween on page exit or is it killed anyway because the elements are removed from the dom? I reinitialise it on each page visit.
  19. ok wow, so simple - thank you !
  20. Is it possible to refresh random values on every repeat of a timeline? I have the the random values on each tween creation, but it just loops the same values.
  21. thanks so much for having a go at this, but I actually meant the amount of drag it takes to go the next snap point. In my demo you will see you have to drag the next div past the red line or it snaps back, I was hoping you could move halfway towards the line and then it would snap forward.
  22. I have a x draggable with snap points working well, but is it possible to change where the snap is triggered from ? At the moment you have to drag past the central red line in my demo, I would like to trigger the snap forward earlier - 50% from the line.
  23. Is there anyway to add a pause between paragraphs when animating a splittext timeline?