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  1. I have a site with ajax page loads (using highway js). On one of the pages I have a looping timeline tween. Should I try and kill this tween on page exit or is it killed anyway because the elements are removed from the dom? I reinitialise it on each page visit.
  2. ok wow, so simple - thank you !
  3. Is it possible to refresh random values on every repeat of a timeline? I have the the random values on each tween creation, but it just loops the same values.
  4. thanks so much for having a go at this, but I actually meant the amount of drag it takes to go the next snap point. In my demo you will see you have to drag the next div past the red line or it snaps back, I was hoping you could move halfway towards the line and then it would snap forward.
  5. I have a x draggable with snap points working well, but is it possible to change where the snap is triggered from ? At the moment you have to drag past the central red line in my demo, I would like to trigger the snap forward earlier - 50% from the line.
  6. Is there anyway to add a pause between paragraphs when animating a splittext timeline?
  7. ah neat! thanks working great.
  8. I have a series of svg ellipse's that I want to rotate at diffrent speeds, I thought I could do this, but I guess this just picks a random duration for all of them? gsap.to("#rad ellipse", {rotation: 360, duration:"random(140, 1500)",repeat:-1,transformOrigin:"50% 50%"});
  9. thanks! I have updated my codepen to use your suggested toggleActions. In my actual code all the sections are not the same height and less that 100vh so I have the problem that two sections are shown at once, how can I trigger it so the old section changes as the new section comes in, even if it still visible? I have changed the first section to 50vh to show the problem
  10. Hi, I am trying to change the opacity of a li as you scroll into its lined section and then reverse it when you move to the next section. I am not sure how to reverse the tween when you move to the next section (back to .5 opacity)
  11. ha! yep 🤦‍♂️ trying to do a stop motion style effect.. just remembered there is the rough ease that might help for this.
  12. wow! quick replies thanks! So I guess I misunderstood how splittext works. I was not seeing the randomness as the values just were not different enough. Is there an easy to way to pendulum the characters so like yoyo, but they reverse the other way with the same random values?
  13. Hi, Is it possible to have different random values for skews, rotations etc for each character in a split text tween? This is what I have so far: var split = new SplitText("h1", {type: "chars,words,lines", position: "relative"}); var randSkew = gsap.utils.random(-2, 2, true); var randRotate = gsap.utils.random(-2, 2, true); gsap.from(split.chars, {transformOrigin:"center",duration: .112,rotation:randRotate, skewY:randSkew,skewX:randSkew,scale:1.016,ease:"bounce",yoyo:true,repeat:-1}); cheers!
  14. amazing, thank you both. I have made a small update to yours @Carl so we do not need jquery.