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  1. Thank you so much! I’ll try this approach right away 😆
  2. I have multiple absolute positioned h1s. I want to make h3 to follow smoothly along h1's offsetHeight on loop. But on repeat,h3 starts with a jump from top. How can I fix the jump at the start of loop? Since I'm doing something else in my project, I must use timeline within h1s.forEach.
  3. I'm trying to make card flip animation but with multiple divs. Codepen is my failed attempt. Everytime the card flips, I want to cycle between divs and loop infinite. No matter how many div there is. Is this achievable by gsap? or even css animation only?
  4. Wow, I learned so much from this! Thank you so much! 😆
  5. I made minimal demo! Could you check it again, please? @OSUblake @akapowl https://codepen.io/impetusjj/pen/LYybpre It also jumps when re-entered. Does this have something to do with css variables?
  6. Hi. I want to rotate object when it's in the middle of viewport, and when it's not slowly return to original rotate. (0deg) rotatejumps2.mov It rotates smoothly when entered, but when re-enter it jumps. (please see the attached video) How can I fix this? Related code is in line 100 of the codepen.
  7. Hi. I need help with ScrollTrigger + Timeline. I'm totally lost : - ( I have several div.screens that each styles are set by screensData array. What I want to do is below. <when trigger is pinned by ScrollTrigger> 1. animate .bg backgroundColor from 'transparent' to 'black' 2. wait for 0.2s 3. animate each .screens opacity from 0 to'screensData[i].opacity', scale from'screensData[i].scale-=0.2' to'screensData[i].scale' <when trigger is unpinned by ScrollTrigger> - basically reverse the above 1. animate each .screens opacity from'screensData[i].opacity'to 0, scale from 'screensData[i].scale'to 'screensData[i].scale-=0.2' 2. wait for 0.2s 3. animate .bg backgroundColor from 'black' to 'transparent' I thought it was going to be simple, but somehow it's not. Main problems are, A ) screens.forEach animation isn't firing at all. What am I doing wrong? B ) I'm not sure how to convert 'stagger: 0.15 * dir' in forEach function. (stagger in order when scrolled down, stagger in reversed order when scrolled up) C ) Is there a better way to do this with less lines? something like <when trigger is pinned, play timelineA / when unpinned, play timelineA.reverse(0)>
  8. You're right about duration. If I change duration more than 0, it works. If duration is 0, it doesn't work. Is this supposed to happen? I used fromTo because I have to make sure it starts with certain opacity. But maybe I should just use .set for duration: 0 stuff. I don't like the code, but maybe I should just do this for now. gsap.registerEffect({ name: "swap", effect: targets => { let tl = gsap.timeline() tl.set(targets[0], { opacity: 1 }) .set(targets[1], { opacity: 0 }) .addLabel("now") .set(targets[0], { opacity: 0 }, "now") .set(targets[1], { opacity: 1 }, "now") return tl }, extendTimeline: true, })
  9. That's weird... I see that you're edit version works fine, but then why my codepen isn't working as expected? I set timeline to repeat: 3, so it should do instant change between those two, 3 times. Instead, it doesn't even do once. Let me upload my screen capture. change.mov
  10. Hi. I came back with another registerEffect question 😕 I want to make a simpler way to swap between two divs like below, with registerEffect. gsap.timeline().change([A, B]) // or .change(A, B) I thought it's going to work fine with targets[0] and targets[1], but it doesn't. I wish registerEffect provide some ways to do things with custom argument. Is there a way to do this?
  11. OMG this is exactly, even better than I wanted! You guys in GreenSock are just amazing. Thank you so much!
  12. You're right, this works. I'm sad that I can't do it the way I wanted, (.addSpace("+=1")) but maybe I should settle for this.
  13. yes I know that works, but I just want to know is it really impossible to make it work like 'tl.addSpace("+=1")' this way.
  14. Hi. I *really* want to add pause in timeline by writing like this. gsap.timeline().addSpace("+=1") I saw an old post about this, with TimelineLite.prototype, so I tried converting to gsap 3.0 like below, but it doesn't work. // https://greensock.com/forums/topic/9856-inserting-a-pausedelaywait-into-timeline/?do=findComment&comment=41126&_backrid=69387 // TimelineLite.prototype.addSpace = function (position) { // return this.set({}, {}, position); // }; gsap.timeline.prototype.addSpace = function (position) { return this.set({}, {}, position); }; Now I want to use registerEffect, but it produces error when I deploy. (it works fine in development, weirdly) I also made codepen URL. It doesn't work in codepen as well. gsap.registerEffect({ name: "addSpace", effect: () => { return gsap.set({}, {}) }, extendTimeline: true, }) tl.addSpace("+=0.5); // DOMException: Failed to execute 'querySelectorAll' on 'Document': '+=0.5' is not a valid selector. I'm working on a project that requires a lot of adding pause between tweens, so I really want to make this work. I think the error is about not specifying targets, but I can't figure it out how to fix it.
  15. wow, I didn't know that. To go through all that animating divs and adding that workaround style one by one, it'll be a lot of work I guess...*sad*