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  1. Oh wow thanks guys! Will take a look and post back up with the results.
  2. Hello, I ran into this little demo put together by Diaco and I just need to tweek it a bit for a project I'm working on. As it stands now, the script takes a single image and creates falling leaves. I would like to convert to snowfall but have a question. How can I alter the script to randomly replace what is now a single leaf with one of 3 different snowflakes? Basically replace each element randomly with one of the three snowflakes I have (png) Thanks in advance for your help! GSAP RULZ!!!
  3. Hello. Working on a bit of text using splitText and was wondering if it is possible to add an extra pause before the last word ("skincare") animates in. In the demo there is a .2 stagger of the words which is fine for "Proven to boost the effects of" but I would like "skincare" to hold for an extra .3 before coming in. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Had a question regarding Scrolltrigger, which I am new to. I'm building a landing page using Scrolltrigger for animation, Flickity for an image carousel and Tobii for a lightbox. I realize this is the GSAP forum so don't expect you guys to troubleshoot Flickity and Tobii, but if there is something you can recommend to fix the problem via GSAP i'd be extremely appreciative. Tobii lightbox: https://github.com/midzer/tobii Flickity: https://flickity.metafizzy.co/ In the Codepen example below, there are 2 panels, an opening animation (panel 1) and an image carousel (panel 2). I'm running into an issue when I click the "view video" button in the carousel screen. When I click the "X" close button, the lightbox closes, but it scrolls up to the top of the page, plays the animation and then scrolls down to the second panel (carousel). Any ideas on how to have it remain on panel 2 when the lightbox is closed?
  5. Thank you so much for your answer. Just getting up to speed on the forum and appreciate the advice. I've been working on the switch to GSAP3 and really like it. Sorry for going dark for a bit, its been a bit crazy at work these days. Thanks again!
  6. Hello and thanks in advance for you guys help. I have a "grid" of shapes that I have set up a simple rollover for. The heart grows when rolled over and shrinks back when rolled off. In addition to the "grow" animation, I would like it to overlay the purple heart and tween its opacity from 0 to 1. In short I would like the heart to grow AND fade to the purple heart image. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?