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  1. Hi , Is there any way I can stop or correct the rotation of Selection Box Elements added? I have a button which rotates the object by 90 degrees but it also rotates the UI with it. Thanks David
  2. I've found that if I edit the onMouseMoveMove function in TransformManager.as commenting out the shift if statement and moving the moveSelection(x, y) above I can disable the SHIFT constraints Hopefully this will work for me
  3. Yes it does look like the SHIFT key is pressed but it isn't unfortunately. Is there any way to stop the SHIFT key from effecting Transform Manager Thanks David
  4. Hi, Unfortunately i'm still experiencing this issue. Only thing I can suggest it would be is if the RichEditableTextArea has all text removed in the second that the user is repeating text. I can send you this flex project file if thats any help and you I can give you a link to the live app Thanks David
  5. Hi, Just wondered if anyone had seen this error before... and can knows of a solution Transforming RichEditableText works great but at intermittent points moving the object is restricted to fixed vertical and horizontal directions and the the object scales sets itself to scale proportionally. I've recorded a video to illustrate this as its difficult to reproduce - i haven't managed to find a trigger http://youtu.be/ebPBcVhHoRM Thanks David
  6. Great thanks. I've implemented a .calllater to slow the process down a little. Spotted a big part of the problem was that I had applied the transformer to the image twice then applied the flex crop. I removed the second transform manager application and that simplified it into less randomness. Next problem, when I have loaded the new image and set the flex crop to size please can you tell me how I can scale up or down the image so it fits snuggly inside the flexcrop mask area? Thanks David
  7. Yep the width is output at width 1819 and height 1311 using monsterDebugger I've realised since I posted my last message that actually its the original flex crop width and height I need to repeat. Not the image(evt.currentTarget).width. But this doesn't really make a difference as the width and height are still coming out when applied as zero Thanks David
  8. Thanks Jack, how would you recommend I apply re-apply the x, y, rotation, width and height? When i've tried I keep ending up with a flexcrop with a width 0 height 0 Thanks David var newFlexCrop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(Image(evt.currentTarget),img_tmanager.manager,false); newFlexCrop.name = evt.currentTarget.name + "_crop"; newFlexCrop.attached = false; // have tried setting it directly to the flex crop newFlexCrop.x = Image(evt.currentTarget).x; newFlexCrop.y = Image(evt.currentTarget).y; newFlexCrop.width = Image(evt.currentTarget).width; newFlexCrop.height = Image(evt.currentT
  9. Hi, I'm trying to change the source of a spark image in which has a flexcrop applied to it. Simply changing the content image source combusts the flexcrop applied. Here's my idea find flexcrop on page export transform xml for item destroy transform change image source update rawWidth and rawHeight in saved xml Apply transform and flexcrop to image using updated xml So i'm half way through coding this mammoth solution (I hope) and wondered if any one had any quicker ideas Thanks David
  10. Hi, I just wondered if there are any known problems with using Text Layout Framework in a liquidArea. I'm currently adding the Text Layout Framework to a sprite inside a sprite which is in the liquidArea, the text appears fine in the root of the app, but inside it is added (looking in debugger) but is not visible. Thanks David
  11. Excellent works superbly! Thank you for explaining it all Thanks David
  12. Hi, Thank you for replying. It's a Actionscript project created inside Flash Builder 4 so i've just added the meta data line package { import com.greensock.layout.*; import com.greensock.transform.*; import flash.display.*; import flash.events.Event; import flash.geom.Point; import flash.geom.Rectangle; import flash.text.TextField; import nl.demonsters.debugger.MonsterDebugger; [sWF(width="1000", height="600", frameRate="25")] public class designLSmain extends Sprite { private var ls:LiquidStage; private var area:LiquidArea; private var debugger:MonsterDebugger; public f
  13. ... the layout i'm trying to create is similar to this http://storybird.com/storymaker/?storefront_slug=hidenseek With the page in my liquidArea and the pageOverview as the thumbnail gallery at the bottom Thanks David
  14. Hi I'm struggling to get liquidStage and liquidArea to put my sprites in the correct place. I have uploaded a demo of where I've got to using the documentation at http://davidjennings.co.uk/temp/liquidStage.htm. The large white area i'm trying to center to the stage and the transparent horizontal strip that looks like it is sitting behind is supposed to be placed bottom center. Here is my Actionscript 3 code package { import com.greensock.layout.*; import com.greensock.transform.*; import flash.display.*; import flash.events.Event; import flash.geom.Point; import flash.geom.Re