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  1. Hi all, as a banner developer for years know, I'm asking about using AI to generate code and being more efficient. Did you guys already tested it or using it ? Is it possible for example to do machine learning for the AI to "learn" your code, and then create banners with some changes, like price, color or whatever ? Or create 1 master banner, and the AI makes all the other formats.. Thanks for your feedback on this
  2. kek

    Revert svg fill color ?

    Thanks ! Seems like I have to learn some more about gsap
  3. kek

    Revert svg fill color ?

    Ok thank you, I guess i have to add a timeline (coloring my svg) to my main timeline. But I it doesn't look as expected (text rotation > logo coloring to red > text scale > logo returning to main color) https://codepen.io/zanorg/pen/YzvgZEy
  4. Hello, I have a svg logo that I want to colorize, it's ok using gsap like this : .to(".logo_color", {fill:"#ffffff"}, "<") But then, I would like the logo to return to the origin color, and I don't know how to do it. I cheated using a yoyo transform with repeat 1 and repeatDelay, but it's not really practical. I would like something like "fill:none" but I did not find anything like this.. any idea ? Thank you !
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    Gif Generator

    Mmmh it doesn't seem to exist anymore ? But I remember seeing it, it doesn't create an animated Gif, only the last screen. That's why I developed this tool, to fit exactly my needs If needed I can add options, don't hesitate if you like it.
  6. Hi all, I make a lot of banners for clients (thanks Gsap !) and making backup gif is always really boring. So, as a former Flash developer, I made a GIF generator, really simple to use and easy to customize. You just have to drag the html file in the window, and it detects the size of the banner if the folder contains the dimensions (like "300x250"). You take snapshots with CTRL key (useful shortcut!) or with the button, and you can adjust the time for each screen. If you have multiple banners with different formats, you can save the timing so that you don't have to re-do it for each. If you don't want GIF, you can also create JPG or PNG. All files created (gif, png, jpg) will be put in the same folder of the banner, named like "300x250.gif". This is an early version of this program, in fact I made this for me to save *A LOT* of time, and I said to myself maybe some other people would like to save time too This is a program for Windows only, because I can not compile for OSX, I don't own a Mac. If someone with Adobe Animate and a Mac can help me, it would be nice. That's it for the moment ! Any comment to improve it is helpful, hope you'll like and use it ! Link to the EXE file : https://zanorg.com/GIFGenerator.zip Here is a screenshot of the app with comments And sorry for english mistakes, I'm french !
  7. It works fine when testing on computer (windows), and on Android.
  8. I've been experiencing problems with Tint plugin. Tint plugin does not work with TweenMax (works with Tweenlite) on AIR / iOS latest version. I have this error : VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of onInitTween in com.greensock.plugins.TintPlugin.
  9. Hi, sorry for the late answer. In fact Tweenmax doesn't work with the Tint plugin with the latest version of AIR (not only but also and maybe after). I have to use tweenmax because i use .fromTo but i'll try to do it differently :/ thanks for your work thought
  10. Hi, I just updated my AIR SDK to version and all my tweenmax scripts are not working anymore. Tweenlite works fine, and on Android it's ok. It's just Tweenmax on iOS (7 & 6). Anyone got the same problem ? kek
  11. Hi, in fact my client doesn't care that you're on holiday, so i spent my week end on it I think i figured it out by using BulkLoader, a loader class in AS3 you might know I think. I don't really know the "loading difference" between loadermax and bulkloader, but when i reload my FLV, it doesn't take the FLV in the cache, it reloads it entierly. Well, ok it sucks because the bandwidth takes a huge amount of data, but as i told you, only a few people will use it by day (but it must not have any bug of course). I hope this workaround will fixe the bug, because i spent 2 weeks on it, finding and solving it. Thanks again for all your work, i'll continue to use Greensocks classes because it's an amazing job. In fact by using Bulkloader i think i cheated on my wife thanks again for your time !
  12. It seems you didn't find a solution maybe i should make a real streaming, and not a progressive download.
  13. I do attach a eventlistener to the netstream, but i remove it. (i removed them in the fla joined) Here is a "simple" version of the fla, it's in flash CS5. You have 2 buttons, one to load the movie (510mb) and the other one to kill it. When you load the movie, it creates a "RubVideo" class in the library, i know it's not the best code but it works for this When you kill the video, the object is killed and the videoloader etc.. But if you reclick the button load, the movie loads quickly because it's in cache. Here on my computer i don't have any problem, but on client's computer, i can't seek the video very far (like 10 or 20min). But sometimes on my computer it happens too.. very strange. You'll notice it takes a certain time to put the 510mb in RAM. What i would like, is to load the video from scratch each time, no cache. In fact the application will be used by 20 users a day, on a private server, not on internet. So they can kill their bandwidth thanks again for your help !
  14. Videos are loaded through network. In fact i use loadermax (last version) because i created my own video loader class and i had the same problem, so i turned to loadermax to solve this, but in fact it's the same issue.. I guess it's a RAM access thing, or whatever, when i reload the movie, the flash file freezes a little because it put the video file in memory (and 500mb is not fast to put in memory, about 1 sec). The flash file is pretty huge, but here's the loading of the video. If needed i can make a tiny fla during the day. laVideo = new VideoLoader(parent.chemin + fichier), { noCache:true, name:"maVideo", container:clipVideo, //autoDispose:true, bufferTime:6, //autoAdjustBuffer:true, width:1366, height:768, scaleMode:"none", bgColor:0x000000, onInit:getMeta, onError:errorHandler }); and in my "kill" function : laVideo.netStream.removeEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, bufferHandler); laVideo.removeEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, finVideo); laVideo.dispose(true); //laVideo.unload(); laVideo = null; //comments are lines i tested with / without.
  15. hello, i have a problem with large video files i load with videoloader. My application is a EXE flash file, on a windows computer. Files are about 500mb (1h~) and when the first load occures, everything is ok. But when i reload the video, it takes the cache file, and load it immediately or almost. But at 10min or 20 or another time, the video stops and freezes. Athough, the timing still goes on. But the video and sound stops. I use video.load(true), try also autodispose:true, nocache:tue and unload() but the file is always in the cache, and when i reload it (no restart the flash file, but just reload the movie), it takes the file in the cache. please help ! thanks:)
  16. Thank you ! that worked perfectly Anyway, an option to resize a picture with ratio only from width or height would be appreciated !
  17. Hi, I'm making a simple gallery with a line of thumbnails. But thumbnails are NOT the same size, and some of them are in a vertical format (excuse my bad english !) I put the bgAlpha to zero, but there's a big space around thumbnails, when there're in vertical format, because of the ContentDisplay width. In fact i would like that, when the thumbnail is loaded, the ContentDisplay width is the same as the thumbnail. I did that : function childCompleteHandler(evt:LoaderEvent):void { var image:ContentDisplay = evt.target.content; image.width = image.rawContent.width; } But there's still a space around vertical thumbnails.. any idea ? Is it possible to resize a picture only with the height ? So that the picture is exactly X px height, and the width is ok with the ratio. thanks !
  18. Hi, I use tweenlite to make a fade out on a soundchannel. When the sound fades out, i hear a very distinct noise, a clipping sound, during the fade out. This is very annoying because i make a music machine I tried a lot of sounds files, WAV, MP3, 44khz, 22khz etc, but it seems that it comes frome flash itself. Any idea ? thanks kek
  19. Yes, i'll try that, but is it slower than setting maxConnections to 2 ? i mean, if i load 100 images, 1 by 1, it's slower than 2 by 2, no ? In fact, i'll try to load with maxConnections to 2, and when loaded, put the files in an array in correct order, and then show array[0], array[1] etc...
  20. Oh thank you ! In fact I thought LoadeMax loaded the smallest files first, to the heaviest, by default. But i forgot the number of simultaneous downloads So everything is normal in fact.. It's just that i want files appear in the correct order, so i'll try something else. Thanks again !
  21. Hello, i load a xml file that contains : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> And when i load it, and then load the pictures in it (pictures are in "images/" folder), it loads first the smallest picture, to the heaviest. I want it to load the pictures in the xml order (i.e : 1,2,3,4,5). Here is my code, i think i forgot something, but can't find... import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; import com.greensock.loading.*; import com.greensock.loading.display.*; var images:Array = []; var cont:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); addChild(cont); var i:int; var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax(); LoaderMax.defaultAuditSize = false; var xmlLoader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader("images.xml",{onComplete:onLoadXML}); xmlLoader.load(); function onLoadXML(e:LoaderEvent):void { var xmlData:XML = e.target.content; try { for each (var element:XML in xmlData.elements()) { var imageData:Object = new Object(); imageData.url = "images/" + element. @url.toString(); imageData.loader = new ImageLoader(imageData.url,{width:307,height:285,scaleMode:"proportionalInside",alpha:0}); images.push(imageData); queue.append(imageData.loader); } var maxImages:int = images.length; for(i=0;i images[i].loader.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, startApplication); } queue.load(); } catch (err:Error) { trace("Error code: " + err.message); return; } } function startApplication(e:LoaderEvent):void { var img:* = e.target.content; trace(img.loader.url); //TRACE images/im2.jpg - images/im1.jpg - images/im4.jpg - images/im3.jpg - images/im5.jpg img.x = cont.width; cont.addChild(img); TweenLite.to(e.target.content, 1, {alpha:1}); } (BTW, i tried to use prependURLs but can't manage it..)