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  1. So, it's not cyber Monday, but are there any special deals right now?
  2. I was actually able to fix this using this line of code in my 'click' EventListener function: search.classList.toggle('js-x'); and adding this line of code to my 'mouseover' EventListener function: if(search.classList.contains('js-x')) { return; } I'm not sure if this is the proper way to handle this, but it worked!
  3. So, I have an search icon that rotates on hover. If you click on the icon, the icon moves to the center of the screen and expands into a search bar. Both of these work great. HOWEVER, when I hover over the newly created search bar, it rotates, which I do not want. I am new at GSAP, so just looking for some advice. How do I stop one timeline from playing inside of another timeline?