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  1. wneet

    Follow by mouse

    @Dipscom Thank you so match for your kind response In fact I'm still learning this new technique.. I will do my best to learn it..
  2. wneet

    Follow by mouse

    Thanks @OSUblake for your help.. I have been just learning how to use it ..
  3. wneet

    Follow by mouse

    thanks @Shaun Gorneau But 'mousewheel' didn't solve the problem. How can I set position of circle based on window rather than page like cursor?
  4. wneet

    Follow by mouse

    But I have page with scroll. If I set position to fixed the page won't scroll down. My problem is when I scrolling page down the mouse follow animate doesn't work.
  5. wneet

    Follow by mouse

    Hello there, I have a problem when scrolling the page my follow mouse circle doesn't follow the mouse courser, If there is a way how can I make the follow mouse circle follow the mouse courser when scrolling too?
  6. wneet


    How can I center the active item in this carousal?
  7. wneet


    How can I do responsive carousel with multiple items and change its options like rtl or number of item depends on device type ex: (mobile with one item , laptop with 3 items ) and center the active item in middle like this site http://www.onedayinmyworld.com?