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  1. Hii, good morning! So, I am making this hold to play button, It is animating the button when holding and it is supposed to trigger new animation when its over. Can someone just tell me how do I trigger next timelineMax on complete I tried to make them pen as short as possible
  2. Thank you very much for your help. Not only quick and accurate response but also practically shown. GSAP is my new favourite!!! Have a great day and thank you a lot!
  3. Hi, so I am trying to rebuild this canvas peace which has Gsap powered animation in it. https://codepen.io/fcordillot/pen/xRdEPx I tried to build my own code for this as you can see here But when I add TweenMax code to the if statement on the line "105" I start getting errors. Can someone help? You can see the TweenMax code commented above the if statement