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  1. Thanks @OSUblake for the solution - as you correctly spotted, the issue was with the remove / add happening one item at a time - the last tween removed was maintaining the timeline length as otherws were added removed before it. @mikel your dual-timeline solution made sense, but my real (not example) timeline was considerably more complex, so I was trying to avoid set up 2 separate timelines, when I only wanted to adjust the last few tweens on the timeline.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm no closer to a solution. The issue I have here is that the timeline's duration continues to reflect the last tween's end, even when that tween has been stripped off the timeline. There appears to be no means to force the timeline's duration to be recalculated, even when the last n tweens have been stripped off the end of it - it can only grow in length. Doing so would allow the tweens to be readded, without the added pauses that multiple remove() / add() combinations currently create. The old Flash Tweenmax (the last Greensock I used, some years ago) behaved as I would expect the JS version to behave:
  3. with every play() and reverse(), the timeline duration grows - I want to force the recalc the duration before I add the circle tweens back onto each time, so that they are after the last added element, and remove the "empty" time that currently exists after each remove() is done.
  4. Hi, I've created a TimelineMax instance with a series of child TweenMax animations. I need to play the timeline backward and forward to transition between two states. This works great. When executing a reverse() only, I want some of the child animations to have lower position values, to speed up the animation as a whole. I keep references to the ones I want to target, and then use remove() to strip them from the timeline, before then re-adding them for the reverse(), with revised values. I've scoured the forum for an answer and have read much about how changing child tweens does not affect the overall duration of a timeline (which, when you alter / remove child tweens somewhere in the middle, makes sense) but in this case, the tweens I want to remove are the last ones in the timeline. Before I re-add them, is there a way to force the timeline to recalculate its duration, so that when they are re-added, they are appended after the last child. As it stands now, there is 'dead space' on the timeline where the tweens were, and so, when re-adding them, there is a long pause before they are played. The pause gets longer with each play() and reverse() (and remove() and add() as the total duration grows and grows.