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  1. E.g. gsap.utils.snap(0.05, -0.16) returns -0.16 instead of -0.15. Probably caused by combination of negative & floating point numbers.
  2. Hello again, I think you guys are actively working on the script on this URL? I, unfortunately used that URL as CDN and now there is a bug (that wasn't there at the time of this post). Bug is mainly about sometimes element not animating at all when start and end values are different in integer level (I mean when it's moving from 1.8 to 2.1, -1.9 to -2.3 etc. You can see it on the original post's codepen. (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'samples' of undefined) https://codepen.io/taylankasap/pen/NWRxMgG Of course this might be caused by me using MotionPathPlugin
  3. Unfortunately I need to loop in both directions because I'm making a carousel with next & prev functionality. Thanks for considering this functionality.
  4. Click next button multiple times. Whenever end value goes from -0.9 to -1.2, from -1.8 to -2.1, from -2.9999 to -3.3 etc. the element moves to its default position. This is not expected right?
  5. I did but I expected to find it on sidebar under Properties or under search results. Thanks for the link.
  6. @GreenSock It helps big time Is there a documentation for ratio (and maybe other properties of this)?
  7. @akapowl It doesn't account for easing but unless I'm mistaken I can calculate correct value that accounts for both easing + different start/end values like this: https://codepen.io/taylankasap/pen/pobGBWd Thanks!
  8. You know how tween starts from motionPath.start and moves to motionPath.end? I want to get that changing value during onUpdate. Even if there is no way to get that value as is maybe I can calculate it? Are there helper functions like getPositionInPath(object, path) / getPathLength(path)?
  9. That was fast and it works in 3 cases I've reported. Better indeed! Thank you. Unfortunately I have to support IE and I don't think this works there. But this is a great idea. I will keep in mind for future projects. Thanks.
  10. I'm aware of these. But the thing is, in the project I'm currently working on I've tried using calc for a very small animation where performance wouldn't be an issue. If I write JS, it will probably be around 30 to 60 lines of code. But like I said, I'm not asking for help. I will probably use CSS transition for this one. I just wanted to let you know of these issues. (Maybe I should open a GitHub issue?)
  11. Hello all. I know using calc in JS is not recommended. But as long as it is not in the not supported category, I'd call these bugs. Click the toggle button twice and now the h1 has top: 4.75px instead of calc(1vh). I don't know if GSAP is trying to optimize something, but even if it is it should set 1vh, not 4.75px. https://codepen.io/taylankasap/pen/ZEWMLbB It's jumping to some huge values. https://codepen.io/taylankasap/pen/YzqONVR It is changing values (see devtools) even when from and to are same. https://codepen.io/taylankasap/pen/MWyqJdO
  12. It didn't work but thank you. I realized I had a non-chromium version of Edge. It turns out I don't need to support this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. Even DOM reflow (e.g. calling getBoundingClientRect) doesn't make the distortion go away. But changing tabs, minimizing/maximizing the browser window etc. fixes the distortion. Do you have any idea to how to mimic the same "re-render" operation via JavaScript? If not I guess I'll disable the filter on Edge for now since I can't seem to find another workaround.