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  1. Hello @Shaun Gorneau and all, I found my problem So here is what I did : ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: this.$target, //refreshPriority: 0, invalidateOnRefresh: true, pin: this.$wrapper, //pinType: typeof window.SB !== 'undefined' ? 'transform' : 'fixed', //pinType: document.querySelector(".scroll-content").style.transform ? "transform" : "fixed", pinType: "transform", //pinSpacing: 'padding', preventOverlaps: true, anticipatePin: 1, scrub: 0.5, start: "bottom bottom", end: '+=2700', //end: () => "+=" + innerHeight, markers: true, onEnter: function () { window.SB.setMomentum(0, 0); window.SB.options.damping = 10; }, onEnterBack: function () { window.SB.setMomentum(0, 0); window.SB.options.damping = 10; }, onLeave: function () { window.SB.options.damping = 0.12; }, }); I realized that with the value at 10 in damping my problem disappeared. So i paused smoothscrollbar by re-entering the section once scrolltrigger throws the pin. And the same when you get back into the section Thank you
  2. Hello @Shaun Gorneau and thank you for your response. So yes I'm on macOS. I develop on firefox dev, I have the problem on this browser but also on chrome and safari. Yes I can give you a private URL if you wish ! thanks again for your help
  3. Hello all , I'm on a new version of our site for the agency. We currently have this library in addition to GSAP, scrolltrigger etc: https://github.com/idiotWu/smooth-scrollbar I have a section on home where I pin using Scrolltrigger, except I get flickering when I scroll and I can't fix it. I read all the topics that were related to this problem (https://greensock.com/forums/topic/26008-scrolltrigger-flickering-when-pinned/) I can not understand where the problem comes from because I put the right thing. I made a video for you to see because the site is local : https://e-kosmo.com/problem-pin.mp4 pinType > fixed doesnt work pinType > 'transform' work with flickering ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: this.$target, refreshPriority: 0, invalidateOnRefresh: true, pin: this.$wrapper, pinType: typeof window.SB !== 'undefined' ? 'transform' : 'fixed', //pinType: document.querySelector(".scroll-content").style.transform ? "transform" : "fixed", //pinType: 'fixed', pinSpacing: 'margin', anticipatePin: 1, scrub: 0.5, start: "bottom bottom", end: '+=2700', }); Thank you in advance for your help and feedback Nickolas
  4. Thanks for your help I was trying to destroy my animations after loading barbaJS
  5. Hi @Mikel, actually I learn at the same time that I code, there are things that I still miss in the construction with timelinemax. Thank you for your help and your speed, I will look at this.
  6. Hi GSAP community! A huge thank you because thanks to you we can do something beautiful! For the needs of my future company that I am develloper I need to do a scroll action like this example> https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/GopRwQ I get there very well except that I wish 1. Have my line continue in draw svg until the end (scene with scrollmagic) 2. Stop the blue circle at a certain position while element 1 continues to end. (scene with scrollmagic too) I can not stop my tween blue... Can you help me ? thank you in advance