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  1. Nevermind guys. Just stupid html order. ☠️ I put all the "script tags" between header and main-page LOL. Thanks @Sahil for the reply & help, such an extreme fast & nice community. Will coming here again later. Thanks.
  2. Hi... new guy come to the pool. I'm Hadi. Followed tutorial from Petr/ihatetomatoes, and then the issues is come up. First, all the header and navbar is working with tweenlite, but after I put the container which are the main-page and footer. It's not working anymore. What's wrong here? And about the code pen, I don't know why the animation won't moving there. But still the code is working fine on my file that I mentioned previously. I'm sorry, lil shy to come with noob question. But I don't have mentor to ask directly. Thanks for the help. Regards, Hadi EDIT: omg, now in codepen all the animation is working well, but still in my file just header and its nav which working. But for footer and main-page still not. So, what is the problem actually?