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  1. After a good few months of passive through to quite intense development, we have just launched our first product that has made good use of the GreenSock libraries. There are no questions in this post, I was just that excited to get a product out that was enriched by what this toolset had to offer that I wanted to share it and thank everybody involved in creating and maintaining it. I've used jQuery in the past with some projects (I'm no designer, but love fiddling with the UI), but never really went to town with it due to the load it put on the sites. Since stumbling across GreenSock the limits of what you seem to be able to do when creating a rich user experience have been blown away and now the excitement of being able to go to town with the front end is bigger than ever. Our work is focussed on Employee Engagement in the workplace (I work in the Innovation department at Best Companies - www.b.co.uk) and and we are fortunate enough to be presented with stacks of great information, data and suggestions on what makes the very best organisations to work for exactly that. Over the past few years we've expanded our development strategy from being mainly functional, accurate and insightful to being functional, accurate and insightful with a great user experience - if it doesn't feel awesome to use - dev harder it and make it awesome! We've just launched 2Q Instant Insight, the product I refer to above and it's the first from us that has been built from the ground up with user experience at the core - and a lot of that has been massively helped by GreenSock being a thing. GSAP is without doubt going to feature in a lot more of what we do. As mentioned, no questions here - just a massive THANK YOU to everybody involved in GreenSock (employees and forum members who have helped by answering my questions along the way) - keep up the great work, it's very much appreciated. Al.
  2. Hi Shaun, That last answer and related CodePen was a massive help, thanks! I've got it working by doing pretty much what you've suggested there. Thanks for all of your help. Al.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Shaun, I'll have a go at assigning a new class to it when it completes the tween.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to move an element (an image) on a webpage from it's current absolute position and have it end up anchored to the bottom of the webpage. I can move the element from its current position to a new position at the bottom of the page, but when the page size is increased, making it taller, the element is not longer at the bottom of the page. Is there a way to anchor it when the move is complete? Thanks in advance for any help. Al.
  5. Thanks OSUblake! I’ve just changed the attached CodePen setting the transform with a TweenMax.set instead and it all works well now. Best regards, Al.
  6. Hi, I wonder whether somebody can help me with something I’m struggling to figure out? I have a text element in an SVG object that has a transform applied to it. I am trying to make this text fade in, grow to about 2.5 times it’s final size in scale, then shrink back to it’s normal size - so that it looks like it’s pulsing/bouncing into view. The fade in the attached CodePen example comes in fine, but the scale doesn’t seem to work. I’m guessing this is because there’s already a transform applied to the item, but am not sure. I’ve slowed the attached CodePen down to see what’s going on, but the final effect I’m going for is text springing into view to draw attention. Any help that anybody could give would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance, Al
  7. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your reply, that all makes good sense ? I’ll give what you’ve suggested a try and if I’m still struggling will strip out what I need to get it on CodePen. Best regards, Al.
  8. Hi, I’m relatively new to GSAP and am loving the experience so far - great job all involved! I have a quick question about performance and best practice when making a few animations at the same time. I have one point in my web site process where I want to have a number of elements change state in sequence. I have added all of these to a timeline and it performs relatively well. When running it there is a slight performance hit, I’m guessing because I’m changing a good number of properties. When doing this, is it good practice to add all of the changes to a timeline, or run them as separate TweenMax.to statements? I’ve included my statement here although the related html is large and would be tough to include in codepen. Can anybody spot anything blatantly wrong than I’m doing, or suggest any improvements on what I have shared to help speed smooth this sequence out? For reference, ctlTopCurve and ctlModel are SVG controls, imgHeader is an image and the rest of the controls are Div’s. Thanks in advance for your help, Al. var tl = new TimelineLite(); $("#modelSwipeLayer").css('display', 'none'); $("#ctlTopCurve").css('display', 'block'); $("#ctlTopCurve").css('z-index', '1'); $("#ctlHeader").css('height', '40%'); $("#imgHeader").css('marginLeft', $(window).width()); $("#imgHeader").attr("src", "/Content/Images/hero-image-3.jpg"); $("#imgHeader").css('z-index', 0); $("#IndividualDashCompareDescriptionContainer").css('display', 'block'); $("#IndividualDashMeasureDescriptionContainer").css('display', 'block'); $("#imgHeader").css("opacity", 0); $("#imgHeader").css("marginLeft", 0); //Hide the existing controls tl.to("#ctlModelInstructionContainer", 1.5, { autoAlpha: 0 }, 0) .to("#btnShowIndividualDash", 1.5, { autoAlpha: 0 }, 0) .to("#ctlModelZoneContainer", 0.5, { autoAlpha: 0 }, 0) .to("#ctlModelNavGestureHintContainer", 0.5, { autoAlpha: 0 }, 0) //Move the model up .to("#ctlModel", 1.5, { top: '280', height: $(window).width() - 70 }, 0) .to("#modelGraphicContainer", 1.5, { strokeWidth: 2 }, 0) .to("#ctlModel", 1.5, { rotation: 45 }, 0) //Show the action buttons .to("#btnShare", 1, { y: '-=44px' }, 0) .to("#btnCompare", 1, { y: '-=89px' }, 0) .to("#btnMeasure", 1, { y: '-=89px' }, 0) //Show the dash text .to("#IndividualDashCompareDescriptionContainer", 0.6, { autoAlpha: 1, top: parseInt($("#IndividualDashCompareDescriptionContainer").css('top')) - 30, delay: 0 }, 1.5) .to("#IndividualDashMeasureDescriptionContainer", 0.6, { autoAlpha: 1, top: parseInt($("#IndividualDashMeasureDescriptionContainer").css('top')) - 30, delay: 0.4 }, 1.5) //Slide in the header image .to("#imgHeader", 3, { autoAlpha: 1 }, 1.5);