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  1. Thank you @GreenSock for pointing this out. There wasn’t any shaking anymore, because my brains malfunctioned and I changed the original pen after @Jonathan’s first answer ?
  2. Hello @Jonathan, thanks for getting back at me so quickly and many apologies for thoughtlessly manipulating the codepen example. I’ve restored it in order to show the original problem. The OS is macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Chrome: Version 70.0.3538.102 Safari: 11.1.2 (also on iOS Safari, recently updated, so probably newest) Best Result in Firefox (Nightly, 65.0a1) You are right, when I animate the scale instead of the width, the animation runs smoothly. However, other problems arise, i.e. the vectors get distorted (but not how they should) and/or ov
  3. I am animating letterforms of a font with wide and condensed shapes, i.e. interpolating between the letterform’s widest and most condensed states with TweenMax.to(). The SVG-Vectors animate smoothly in Firefox, however in Safari and Chrome the movement looks very shaky. Am I doing it wrong? And more importantly, are there ways to prevent this?