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  1. Hi! I have an animation of the road. Cars move along it along the x coordinate. At some point in time (for example, when pressed), they should continue to move as before, but at the same time begin to descend down the Y axis. When I try to do this, the animation does not occur or the movement along the x axis stops and only the movement along the y axis remains. I doesnt have codepen, but there is stackblitz with example. Demo
  2. Thank you! It works fine!
  3. I am new to GSAP. Now I have a problem over which I have been working for several days. I have infinite looped animation of the movement of the car on the road (in example I use GSAP logo). The car simply moves along the x axis from left to right. At some point in time, I need to press a button and the car should stop appearing again. I mean, it should go to the end of this cycle, but should not start a new one. I was looking for ready-made solutions on the forum, but they all lead to the fact that the car simply disappears in the middle of the road or stops on road. I have some ideas on how this can be done, but I dont have enough skills. For example, set the parameter repeat-delay: 999999. (if it possible). Maybe there is a stop animation something like withLastFrame, onLastLoop? Demo