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  1. Mikel, hi! During this time I decided to make the animation of the shadow a little different, changing dx and dy of feOffset. Here is: I think it looks nice Honestly, I thought it was not possible, to animate drop-shadow. Thank you for this example! It pushed me to learn more about CSS variables)
  2. Yeah! drop-shadow exactly what i need, thank you very much
  3. Hello, Mikel! I want the shadow to appear after morphing, so the square will be without shadow and the circle will be with shadow.
  4. Hi everyone! I want to animate shadow appearence of svg after the morph. I was trying to change stdDeviation attr, but shadow stays visible. Will be glad to any advice ?
  5. Thanks! Exactly this. I have simple svg picture which consists of few layers (paths) so i want to draw this picture. One layer morph to another, stays on screen and so on. I think it will be awesome using Greensock MorphSVG plugin. If I succeed i will share a link here) Thank you for explanation about data original attr btw.
  6. Hi, everyone! I want to save prev shape of my morphsvg on the screen. So in this codepen example at the end of animation would be circle inside the elephant. Any ideas? The first thing that comes to mind is to duplicate the path in svg manipulating the DOM, but i think it's ridiculous.