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  1. Thanks again for the links (especially the cube dial tutorial is quite helpful). I had not much time to fiddle around with it. It got this working so far: It's rotating. But the z-Index is make trouble: one image's always on top no matter if it's in the (virtual) back or not. Also I would like to place a pic of a christmas tree in the center to rotate around. And I have no clue how to entangle this in-plane rotation with a change of the y-values to get an out-of-plane effect. My problem here are the different starting points. From my (limited) point of view I'd need a sine function passed the current x-value to determine the y-value. Any hints for me?
  2. Thanks for your reply, Sahil. I'm just new to the animation stuff. JS and jQuery are no problem. I understand the basics of transformation and know the CSS transformation properties. I had a look at the learning section but I assume I can't get it done just with the basics. Would be nice to get some pokes in the right direction. I assume the "Animation along path" is what I need? /Donkey EDIT: I just saw that my CodePen wasn't saved ... So I understand why you directed me to the learning section
  3. Hello, I'm an absolute beginner with GASP and all the JS animation stuff. My aim is to have an animation where multiple images (pictures of my family) are rotating around an christmas tree image. Every image should be clickable in the end to reveal the secret santa for this person. I managed to get a rotating dot (see the codepen). But it kind of "stops" on the starting position. Things I have no clue of how to realize: The images are rotating around the tree. So as soon as they behind the tree -> They're not visible for a short period of time The rotation is now in the same plane. I want to tilt it a bit: As the images "travel" in the background they should gain a bit in y direction and the other way round when coming to the front again Bonus: The speed of the rotation should depend on the mouse position: The further away the faster the spinning. Stopping when the mouse is almost at the orbit Any help is highly appreciated! /Donkey