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  1. Hi is it possible to get the updated beta files? Cause I guess it will solve the problem with a video with no defined height that breaks the layout..! Thanks a lot
  2. Thank you for the fix !! 😀 I noticed that the animation on mobile is not smooth if I don't use SmoothTouch : 0.1 but this occurs before and after the fix. I guess it's something with the sequence animation code. But it's working very well with SmoothTouch so it's not a problem Thanks S.
  3. Seems perfect ! it's also working on my codepen with full code above. Thanks a lot ! 😎 Is it updated on greensock.com ? Do I just have to download ScrollSmoother and ScrollTrigger from my dashboard again ?
  4. Yes it fixed but not totally.. @OSUblake you right at certain width it still breaks lay out...but animation is working..! Pretty close I guess 😀
  5. Woooaw that was fast..! So I need to download ScrollSmoother again and that's it ? Thanks !! S.
  6. When I try to resize and scrollup the original animation is not working anymore..? Can you make the image sequence works after resizing? The problem occurs only when resizing touch the canvas.. so on embeded codepen we have to resize to small width..
  7. And here is the codepen Sorry the css is not really minimal... https://codepen.io/lambdaka/pen/wvpEbJE
  8. HI I found the same problem using a pinned canvas with image sequence as first section of page. Using ScrollTrigger and ScrollSmoother. After resizing, the .pin-spacer height stay the same, but it's not pinning anymore and animation seems out of view It's a confidential work but I can set up a codepen if needed...? Thanks for investigating !