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  1. Hey Craig I appreciate you taking the time. And you're in the ballpark, just not at the mound. So I specifically need to update the Y position in an 'onUpdate:' function because there is a series of tweens that I am performing, in order, on the same target. Basically it's a very customized elastic animation that I'm deriving from an After Effects file. CustomEase won't cut it here. So I need to update y... onUpdate. 2nd, I need to do this to multiple <rect>s so, I need the onUpdate function to work on any <rect> in the SVG, so I need that function to be modular to the targete
  2. I want to update the y position so that there's the illusion of the svg <rect>'s height is increasing from the center, not the top. So I'd like to perform an onUpdate that repositions 'y' based on the <rect>'s current height. But I don't know how to target the <rect>'s y attribute. for example: gsap.from('#rect1', {duration:.5, attr:{height:20}, onUpdate:function(){"this updates '#rect1' y position"}}); In this example I want the onUpdate to always target the object I'm tweening, no matter what it's labeled. I'm finidng it difficult to target the y pos in a nested
  3. That's what I thought. Any advice on getting an SVG's <rect> y attribute in an onUpdate function while tweening its attr:{height}? I've seen examples how to target a DOM element attribute but not SVG child's.
  4. I don't want to use scale because the shape has rounded corners. I want the corners to stay rounded without 'squishing' that would happen in a scale tween. Also, it has to stay in an SVG, I can't use a DOM rounded rectangle.
  5. Is there a way to tween an SVG child's height and/or width from its center? Where I don't have to adjust its x or y position on update?
  6. You can batch upload zips, just navigate to your folder and cmd/ctrl select each zip you want to validate.
  7. That looks like a nice service but it appears to be a paid service at a certain point of use.
  8. Hi all, Google's HTML5 validator is being depreciated in March 2021. I encourage you to fill out the feedback from on the top right of that page, or directly here to advocate against its depreciation. Thanks! Most of us know this is a great tool for banner validation and if you don't know about it, you should.
  9. @Jack I kindly disagree, a lot of us here are old Flash heads who have either done screensavers or fielded other non typical animation/code requests, I have hope.
  10. I posted this in the banner forum when I meant to post here: Does anyone here know of any reliable way of converting web animation to an .scr? This is a general code question, but I think the GSAP forum will have the right cross section of people who could answer this. I have local web files with complex vector animation using GSAP. My client wants to leverage this work for screensavers, I could make a video but I'd prefer to keep it scalable vectors. I know how to make .swf files into screensavers but I'm not looking to rebuild
  11. Rough ease in my mind still makes sense even if it’s consistently incremental or decremental.
  12. Hey Jack so I was working on an animation where there is condensation on a can and drips would slowly be moving downwards because if gravity. Typically that kind of motion is erratic but always in one direction, (in this case, down), never back tracking. I was looking for a shortcut to this.
  13. Thanks for the input @ZachSaucier, I'm probably just going to go the custom ease route.