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  1. Hey everyone. ? Thanks so much for all your help. I am a little overwhelmed (to be honest). @mikel, @Sahil and @Dipscom, I'm still working through your posts and suggestions. @OSUblake I'm also going to checkout three.js (but it looks a bit intimidating at first glance). Thanks so much for all your help. I am extremely grateful for all your help and support. ?
  2. Hey @PointC thanks for your reply. The eggs should just disappear, (and we assume it fell off). They should re-appear when you scroll in the opposite direction. At the moment when I scroll the get is 'cut' when it's moving out of the view box. I want it to disappear completely so that i don't get the below effect. Hey @OSUblake, thanks for your reply. When a user mouse-scrolls over the eggs they move up or down in perspective. I want them to disappear when they reach the end of the view box. I don't want them to be cut by the view box as they move out of view.
  3. Hi I'm fairly new to greensock, and I'm loving it. I'm making a 3D timeline(or track) that I'm moving eggs forward and backward when scrolling. I've used perspective to get the '3D' effect. But, I've run into problems, getting the egg to 'fall off'/disappear when it reaches the end. I want to make the whole egg disappear/re-appear when it reaches the end, not portions of it as it moves out of the view-box. Is there some cool way greensock can help me do this? Here's the link to the codepen Any comments would be appreciated.