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  1. Thanks Carl, really appreciate all the feedback.
  2. Hi, Wondering if it's possible to add children to a nested timeline and have them affect previously added children. Please see the codepen sample for a better explanation: http://codepen.io/brancusi/pen/BoKopg Thanks
  3. Thanks for the response. So I add the estimatedBytes prop but I still get the jump back. Really not sure. I ended up just hardcoding it myself. Using a custom progress value rather than the LoaderMax progress. Just so I'm clear on where that need to go I want to show you the code: _applicationLoader = new LoaderMax({ onProgress:onProgressHandler, onComplete:masterOnCompleteHandler}); _applicationLoader.append(new SWFLoader("application.swf", {container:contentContainer, name:"Application", onInit:mainSWFInitHandler, estimatedBytes:6625455})); _applicationLoader.load(); And just to note again: application.swf in turn loads video and sound. Has its includeWithRoot set to true. I've also tried placing "estimatedBytes:6625455" in the LoaderMax params Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm using loadermax to all the site assets. Problem: I don't get accurate progress since I have nested loadermaxs in the loaded swf as well. Here's the sequence: 1) Load application.swf 2) application.swf has a require with root and loads several other video and sound files The content won't be changing and I know the exact byte size of the full load. Is there a solution to have more accurate feedback during load? I see the "estimatedBytes" prop in the docs, but I still get progress bar jumping due to new info coming in. Can I somehow force the master loader to use the estimatedBytes? Thanks for any help
  5. Thanks for the reply. Really loving LoaderMax. Thanks for all the excellent work!
  6. Hi, Wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to reuse a videoloader? The project I'm on now calls for the same video file to be shown in several locations at the same time. Kind of like an editor's 2 up view with the same video in each view. Right now I'm loading the same file again and again. Is there a way to just load that file one time and reuse in several places? Thanks for any help.