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  1. Hi Zach, I've created a demo (attached to my original post) which kind of gets the point across (I hope). I guess what I really want to achieve is to combine the benefits of `scrub` with snapping to a minimum/maximum duration per chunk of the animation. I think I will have to create multiple ScrollTriggers (only 2 required in this case), but that would be savage if you wanted to snap to say 10 different points in an animation, without manipulating the scroll position. Does that make sense? Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi guys, Congratulations on ScrollTrigger. I'm afraid I haven't used GSAP for several years (since my flash days!), but I'm enjoying getting back into it... This could totally be a 'me' thing, but I expected the `snap` property to affect the animation only, without affecting the scroll position of the page (the demos cleared this up, but it's not entirely obvious from the documentation). My use-case is simple, and possibly quite common... I am only animating a small element which scrolls normally with the page at all times. I have a timeline with an 'in' and an 'out' animation, to show and hide the object while the page scrolls. I want the animation to snap to [0, 0.5, 1] – so the beginning, middle and end of the timeline, depending on the scroll position. However, snapping scrolls the page – which I absolutely do not want. This would make sense if I had set `scrub:true` (or any other value), but I think the only way for me to achieve 'in' and 'out' animations like this, is to split them into two separate scroll triggers – and then I'm worried they could interfere with each other. Does that make sense? I guess my non-breaking change request would be to add a property to the snap parameters to achieve this? Of course, I may have totally missed something... Cheers, Steve
  3. Sorry if this has come up before. I did have a search, but wasn't sure how best to describe it. Anyway, I have a long HTML page which scrolls vertically. Nothing unusual about that... On this page, I have banners which are horizontally draggable, using Draggable. However, when I scroll vertically on iOS, if I drag within the Draggable banners, it stops the page scrolling. I want the Draggable banners to scroll horizontally, and the page to scroll vertically. How might I work around this? Is it even possible with iOS? Loving your work as always! Cheers, Steve
  4. Similar to my other post, I would love a new overwrite mode which would merge, or average the values of two or more existing tweens. Possible?
  5. I would like another overwrite method which yields to any pre-existing tweens - so simply doesn't overwrite properties of an object if they are currently already being tweened. I guess it could even have it's own property, as you may wish to use a different selection criteria - so for example TweenMax.to(this, 1, {x:100, y:100, yield:auto}). In the above example, if the x parameter was already being tweened, then only the y parameter would be tweened. Is there already an easy way to achieve this? Cheers, Steve
  6. Hi Jack, Loving your work with LoaderMax, and of course TweenLite/Max. You're a real hero! However, one thing I've noticed is that LoaderMax doesn't seem to throw errors when things aren't found, etc. Whilst I appreciate this makes it more accessible to the masses, it can turn bug-tracking into a bit of a wild goose chase. I was wondering therefore if you would ever consider adding some sort of strict-mode to LoaderMax? I would love to hear your thoughts on this... Cheers, Steve