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  1. abbe

    z-index in svg element

    thanks for your response @ZachSaucier.i remove that mention. i have a div box ( price box) and i want animate it on switch toggle change to svg box element below it. this is animation step : 1.open box 2. move pricebox to y axis (down in to box hole) 3. close that box again.
  2. abbe

    z-index in svg element

    hi guys i want mask svg element on some gsap animation. i want red element in svg goes top of pricebox div,i set z-index for it but wont work ??? anyone can help me ?
  3. @Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thank you. Craig Roblewsky explanation is good.
  4. hi guys i want rotateY #shine element in my svg from center on y axis , but my code not working ...??? its work on whole svg element but dont work in sub element ("#shine") . anybody has idea whats wrong with that ?