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  1. I completely missed that you had asked about the matrix setting. I also don't see a way from the docs, but I do notice that on github it shows that they changed the api to take a matrix for PIXI.RenderTexture. I'll have to search around the source at some point to see where else its used.
  2. Is there a built in way to get the ColorPropsPlugin to hand back a number instead of rgb? See the codepen for an example of a quick fix that makes it tween with an extra function call. Click on the box to change the color. Also you will need to use a browser with webgl since there is a bug with the tint & canvas. Also on a side note it seems to flash to white each time its clicked, which is not what I expect. That is not related to the ColorPropsPlugin, correct?
  3. Hey Jack! Good to hear from you. Pixi does have a matrix included: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/classes/Matrix.html I was able to fake what I needed and it looks good. I just find myself looking towards "old reliable" ( read greensock ) when I need these things. I am using pixi because I was getting choppiness using css transforms. So far so good! I just need to see if it runs how I want on a Chromebox
  4. I am looking for this as well, though not sure if it would help me. I am looking to scale around a point for the pixijs TilingSprite.tileScale.
  5. Awesome! So to be 100% clear, if I include CSSPlugin.js it will do this and if I don''t it falls back to the old way?
  6. Thats it, ya looks like I had "tuned out" my own delays in my head I appreciate the reply. Also are you saying that just setting x will internally still use css transforms? I want to be sure to maintain use hardware acceleration for the box I am using this on?
  7. In this demo, am I missing something that prevents tweenTo from working when seek works just fine? I'm sure I'm just totally overlooking something simple... Thanks!
  8. Thats what I thought. I am seeing one of these guys in the text: Error #2032: Stream Error And the data property has the IOErrorEvent in it, which doesn't have the response either. In this particular case there is also a valid response sent from the server that indicates what the error was via json, but comes back as a 404 as well.
  9. Maybe I am just missing it, but I can't seem to find where the servers response is stored when onFail is fired for a DataLoader. I have been digging through the event in the debugger and I don't see it, but when I look at the request/response in Charles proxy I see a json response even though its coming back as a 404. Am I just missing it?
  10. I am actually in this same situation on a project. I don't suppose you know the max dimensions before flash chokes do you? Or is it system dependent?
  11. Haha, ya I was mainly trying to see if I could use it to just handle the duration calculations. Now that you mention it, I don't think I ever did trace out the value. Perhaps if I make sure they match the direction, it may work out. Maybe I just wanted to use the new plugin too badly. I'll fit it in here somewhere!
  12. Here is the fla. Its not infinite like the real project, but it seems to do the same thing. It seems to do it more when you click one of the top left side items. Thanks for taking the time to check this out.
  13. I was using Quad and Strong easeOut at first and it seemed to take too long to come to a stop. I'll see if I can get it working the same way in a static fla and post it. Thanks!