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  1. Hello I made a scroll animation to a specific div with ScrollTo Plugin. Everything works perfectly but I need the window to Scroll a bit more (100px) because that div is partially hidden by menu. Can I combine scroll to a div adding an extra scroll amount? Can you suggest me a trick please? Thanks This is the script: var clip = "#category-content"; TweenMax.to(window, 1, {scrollTo:{y:clip, autoKill:false}, ease:easingCustom1, force3D: true});
  2. Hello is there a SplitText Plugin for non NPM users? In the package downloaded there's only a JS Module about SplitText Thanks
  3. Hello, Yes I'm a member and I've downloaded GSAP Libraries from GSAP Club. I found the issue, first I've imported CustomEase.js and got an error "Uncaught ReferenceError: CustomEase is not defined", then I tried with CustomEase.min.js and it works! So the issue is in the uncompressed version of the plugin, if you're interested in I created a github repo reproducing the error: https://github.com/mrk197702/GSAP-CustomEase Thanks
  4. Hello Mikel I report a codepen with working example, but the issue is in CustomEase.js downloaded plugin not in codepen version.
  5. Hello, I downloaded GSAP libraries and I tried dealing with CustomEase.js. I've imported it together with jQuery and TweenMax but I got this errore in console: "Uncaught ReferenceError: CustomEase is not defined". What's the problem? Thanks.