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  1. Hi Zach Thank you for the reply. I think I was 'missing' the Left-to-Right part of MotionPath - now you've explained that, it makes more sense. (For anyone else - if the arrows point Right at the start, & autoRotate is True, it works just the same). I'll have a look at the other graphics, but am confident I should be able to get them working now from your help. Thanks again Jake.
  2. Hi Zach, That is amazing, thank you so much. Your change makes sense (and is easier than my attempts!), apart from the -90 deg autoRotate part - I don't understand how they are all set to the same -90deg, all start 'facing down', but have different starting orientations (ie the path they each follow). Changing this new code, to try and see how it works, again partly makes sense (all triangles being the same place, no problem), but changing the value of -90 doesn't make this clearer to me! Any other explanation as to how this works, or how you 'fixed' my problem, would be really appreciated and useful. (The triangles starting in the same spot is fine - I'll either move them off screen / fade them in at some point along the timeline). Thank you again Jake.
  3. Hi All, & Thanks in advance for any help. I have a selection of arrow heads I want to move along separate paths... I've followed some existing Topics here to get me most of the way, but am struggling with inconsistency between the different shapes. Some of the arrow heads are drawing in no problem (all the straight ones, that makes sense), but others do while similar ones don't - see #i-line_5. That works well, whereas #i-line_3 doesn't. It seems to be partly to do with the arrow head origin-position, and partly autorotate, but cannot get a fix whilst I change these. I also suspected the origin of each arrow-head may need changing (eg, which point comes first in the Path parameter), but have struggled to update them / make any change to the outcome. Thanks Jake.
  4. Ahhhh, silly mistake. ?‍♂️ I was so fixated on the GSAP timeline part! Thank you for the quick fix!
  5. I am adding to a Timeline using a forEach loop but after one cycle the CSS props aren't quite finished for one element - the opacity is ~0.179 and not 0, the top is 46px and not 50px. I assume it's to do with my timings as it's the first .element-span of the first .contact_distance_item, but I cannot think how to debug it to test (it took me a while to get this far, playing with delays etc). Thanks!