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  1. Thanks again! Pause(0), then play(). How simple was that I realized that I need to practice and improvise more. You are my big help!
  2. @PointC Thank you!! That's exactly what I was looking for. Callback it is. I tweaked a little so that I can restart animation via button. One question though. I put kill() method to 2nd timeline when I hit the restart button. Does this reset everything(include repeat) and gives it a clean start without overlapping repeat animation? It looks OK but i want to make sure.
  3. Hi. I have one timeline(Max) and animating three elements sequentially. I want 2nd element to fade-in and also want it to animate(shake) endlessly with interval immediately after fade-in. I have an example code in codepen. If someone got some time please take a look. I thought repeatDelay property would work but it comes in every yoyo animation. What I want is 5 yoyo animations then 2 second break and so forth. Thanks
  4. @Dipscom That's very good to know that I can pass a function to delay property. And I also noticed that stagger delay was set to 0 for whole time line then you do the cycle and gave each item a delay. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi. first time to post here. I wondered how to start specific elements' animation at same time in Timelinelite with starggerFrom methods? Let's say I have 5 elements and I want to make 2nd and 3rd animation start at the same time. Is there any settings I can use in staggerFrom?