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  1. Thank you again You have been more than helpful!
  2. All my above issues have been resolved √ - Yay! BUT... I simply cannot get the code to work on Safari! … I have tried several workarounds, but for some reason, the buttons are not working. Crossing my fingers that it is possible to resolve this :-/ The code in question: http://legoland.mmd.eal.dk/com/intro.as http://legoland.mmd.eal.dk/com/parallax.as And the website for good measure: http://legoland.mmd.eal.dk/
  3. In regards to the code above, how do I make sure the buttons only activate when they finished loading?
  4. UPDATE: The small scale test worked out! I will hopefully be able to understand and implement the code before the 6th of june. Crossing my fingers and putting my thinking hat on. EDIT2: I found out that one of the video's was bugged, and didn't contain anything. That fixed the problem! EDIT3: Fixed this too! Thank you again!
  5. Thank you so much, Jack! I am so impressed with everything you guys do. Amazing support and innovation. I will definitely recommend Greensock to anyone I come in contact with, in regards to Flash - and now also Javascript! See below post...
  6. Hello Greensock Forum Our group is making an interactive video project using Flash for LEGOLAND - a Danish theme park. You can see the current progress here: www.legoland.mmd.eal.dk. I have been in charge of coding the functionality of the video. How can I optimize the following code, especially around line 192, regarding CuePoints? http://legoland.mmd....com/parallax.as Could I make a function that does the skipping, that I can refer to? In advance thank you so much for your time, - kind regards, Morten Broesby-Olsen.