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  1. @OSUblake Hey! Thank you so much! This is exactly what i wanted to do. I'm going to look into you're pen to understand what you did there. Thanks @Sahil for your help too.
  2. @Sahil Thanks for your advice! The article and your pen helped me a lot. I managed to reverse the animation on hover and to play it again on hover out. Which is great (you can see it in my first pen)! But when i tried to nest my 4 Timelines with ".add" in one master Timeline my 4 Timelines played successively. I need to play all of them parallel. Is there a way to nest all my Timelines in one master Timeline and play them parallel? Thanks in advance Max
  3. Hey there, this is my first time using GSAP. I'd like to play my animation backwards on hover. The only thing I can't figure out jet is how i can make the animation do that in 1 second. Any ideas? If this is not possible it would be also nice if the animation just jumps back to its origin position on hover. In addition to that: Is it possible to start the animation again on mouseout? Best regards Max