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  1. Brilliant guys, i tried the timescale, but i missed the point of adding an easing to it (duh!). As for the second question, thanks a lot for the pointer!
  2. Hello, I've got an animation of some objects looping through a bezier using the BezierPlugin. I want to fire a function to make the objects stop with an ease, wherever they are but along the bezier curve. Imagine a racetrack and there's suddenly a red flag, all the cars need to come to a halt all of a sudden. How would I go about that? I tried overwriting the tween but it just stops. Another question as well on how the bezier the plugin draws, how can I make it not start drawing the bezier from x:0 y:0. Say I want it to start on the middle of the stage instead. Thanks!
  3. How can I achieve this in AS2 using TweenMax? I've got a movieclip of 360 frames to simulate the rotation in 3D of an object. I want to be able to move through the frames using a click&drag movement of the object, with easing calculated depending the mouse speed on release. I've tried the code above (translating it to AS2) but with no luck. Is there a way to achieve this using TweenMax? Thanks. sky