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  1. I figured I better stop in and tell you why I disappeared from the forum and didn't join up yet. As I kept trying to study over at Khan-academy, I kept getting more mixed up and confused in the sense that without knowing math I was not going to be able to finish that course, nor could I write good code without knowing the basic elements of the material, as the lessons skip forward quite quickly. So I am homeschooling myself to learn what I do not know so I will be able to proceed in coding with all the animations and elements needed to be on track. As I looked to your kind instructions I knew I needed to go back to school and so I am in fourth grade math leading up to pre-algebra, then algebra I & II. Then a bit of geometric concepts to round it all out. Then I will be back to learn more and truly understand what your trying to teach me. I really appreciate all the comments and the help you offered and provided even though my work was on another site. Hope to be back before the next year is over. I am studying hard and math is starting to make some sense. Thanks a lot for being so nice.
  2. @Sahil, Not sure what to say, I am so excited. I followed both links and signed up for medium and p5js. Yes it is a lot easier, not as many bells & whistles, but easier to handle and learn the different commands to put forth code. Medium, is so interesting with video's and stories about everything that pulls apart and puts back together the aspects of coding and writing, and art, etc...amazing. Then I followed a third link and found another learn to code for free site that will give me further instructions. Your input gives me more understanding of what I don't understand, thus switching gears and adopting p5js in place of Codepen for now, but planning on returning when my skill is much improved. Thanks so much for all your help. Soon I will know what I am talking about. lol You are a Superhero today!!
  3. Thanks for the information. Where I am studying we have only done Java Script so far, meaning I have no clue on using the html or the css spaces for code at code pen. I guess I better study some more so that I will have better direction and then try code pen or one of the other formats for coding. It's okay, I just got a little ahead of myself in this learning curve. I will play around on code pen and try to put together a template that shows the deer I created, which is sadly more like a drawing or cartoon without movement. Not the first time to be in over my head and won't be the last. You made my day a little brighter now that I know where I went wrong and how to try and fix the problem. Just a matter of putting the sections of code in the right slots. As you can see some lessons start off with a shape we have to modify into something else. This often creates more problems as we are working off a model that someone else created. The shape I started with looked like a snowman, which I converted into a deer. But I am reading your forum posts and getting a bit more knowledge based everyday. Yep! Things are looking up. https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/spin-off-of-project-before-the-attack/6208392906178560
  4. That goes to show how dumb I am. I thought that (codepen) was a part of this site. I watched the video's and followed the link to that website. So your GSAP is a different format, is my new take on things. So maybe you could explain to me how I can arrive at your coding area, or is it a download to my computer? Or ?? I was planning on just being here and getting answers as I go along, but got off the path of the GSAP, somehow. And your right it is incomplete. I was just going to work on part of my coding involving the deer. I told you it was confusing me and I guess I was right. lol
  5. Hoping you guys can help me understand use of CodePen website. I copied in my project in to the JS section, and I explained what I am trying to do. However, I have the code but things are not showing up as in a picture of object I created and I am completely lost. I need to have it correct in order to work on it, so does my project" Fearful Deer, " belong in the pen section or in collections? And what is needed for the picture of the doe to show up??
  6. Thanks for sharing Craig. It makes me feel like one of these days all this coding stuff is just going to click in and I will be off writing really good animations and text with less worry and doubt then I have right now. In the beginning it is really hard to form questions that make sense, when basically I don't really know or understand what I am talking about. Some of your comments made me smile as in ask but then figure it out on your own and keep rolling on. My first coding is that Java Script, and I'm doing simple animations and working toward more difficult ones. Here I was smiling saying hey, this isn't so bad no math, then as the lessons increase here comes the arithmetic marching in and I said "wow" not good I really suck at math. Never could understand that stuff in school and now to learn coding I need to understand algebra. I thought this it it the end I will never learn how X & Y equal numbers, but maybe I am a bit smarter now because the way I am learning makes it all somehow make sense. Anyways, just wanted to let you know through all my rambling on, that your words have given me courage to keep going and not give up. See you around the forum!
  7. I wanted to share one of my creations with you and I hope to start practicing here as you have great video's and knowledge that can help me figure out where I am going wrong. Do I need to download anything to get that code workable screen to come up when I sign in? Do I need to be a paid member to work on code here? Anyways follow this link and see the cute animation I was working on. https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/spin-off-of-project-bye-bye-airplane/5472520275525632
  8. After two weeks of banging my head on that blank wall of no knowledge I finally regrouped and figured out the problem. As I said the variables is what had not been not done correctly. But during this time I became more creative in my design and the stars were transformed into UFO's, star ships with 3 different layers, and now they move in different directions. What worked was remembering an earlier project where clouds moved outward to allow the sun to shine through. Thus the use of var rightX & var leftX, and the code using rightX += 1; and leftX - =1;. By adding the first of these to the code for each star ship I was able to move one to the left and one to the right. Thus completion of this project. The course i am working on is computer programming in Java Script. Moving forward math is becoming harder. As a free member here I will come and read and try using your site for more studies. Thank you for being patient with my lack of sense in trying to understand your helpful suggestions.
  9. No I have not been using GSAP, as in looking over your website it became clear your all way ahead of me and I found your practice area quite confusing. i have been using the Khanaacademy website for free study, but I can not seem to wrap my brain around this even with the helpful answers I get. I looked at the Codepen, and that to is confusing. I could try copying and pasting my code into the JS script box if that would work. I think my variable assignment and the use of x = x +1, is what is off in my project. It has been holding me up for two weeks. Will copy 7 paste work or do i need to go to another website to transfer the code over here??
  10. I am working on a simple Java Script project that has me puzzled. The project requires getting a star to shoot across the sky. My background is perfect, but that darn star will not move. I am working with a simple design and have watched many video's on how to do program animations using the draw() function, but although the instructions work for the instructor it is not working for me. Maybe I need a bit more information so I can finish this project and move on to the next with a how-to do this printed on my brain. Can anyone help me?