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lister110 last won the day on October 7 2012

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  1. Hi, could someone just point us in the right direction.. I have a few frames animating... 1st key frame appears in and fades out, 2nd key frame, prices appear one after the other and all fades out. 3rd key frame, appears with simple message. At the moment, after the prices animate independently I then need them all the fade out, to reveal key frame 3 but I can't seem to figure the best way to do this, maybe add them to their our timeline?, could someone help? tl.to(this.logo_mc, 1, {alpha:0},"+=3"); tl.from(this.price1_mc, .5, {alpha:0, scaleY:0, scaleX:0, ea
  2. This is probably an easy question, I keep getting a syntax error on this code.. //declare my variables var cloud1Middle = sym.$("cloud1Middle"); var cloud2Bottom = sym.$("cloud2Bottom"); var cloud3Top = sym.$("cloud3Top"); //instantiate a TimelineLite var tl = new TimelineLite({onComplete:function() { TweenLite.to(cloud1Middle, 60, {left:800}); TweenLite.to(cloud2Bottom, 100, {left:-800}); TweenLite.to(cloud3Top, 40, {left:-800}); this.restart(); }); Syntax error at line 12 in "Timeline.play" on "Stage": Unexpected token ) I was working at some point. lister
  3. I think i may of added the TweenLite script into the html, not noticing you have an API/Server where you can add the URL to the Scripts Library within Adobe edge. It seems to be moving now.
  4. Hi everyone, please move if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm just trying out Greensock in Adobe Edge Ani 2015. I understand Adobe Edge Ani 2015 has been pulled, but for the time being this is what I'm using. Im a proper newbie, so please bear with me. Im confused how adobe have changed the scripting to work with objects on the stage. Im following this simple tutorial which was published 2012. The current tutorial may be out of date, I'm not sure.? http://paultrani.com/2012/11/edge-animate-and-greensock/ I have a simple rocket png on the stage and I'm trying the 'onClick'
  5. hi, just a quick one. Is it possible to save to animated gif or video using the green sock code for a short animation. It seems it flash doesn't like to render out all the sequences unless the animation is on the timeline?? any ideas Thanks lister
  6. sorry, should of uploaded the file. This is great the only problem I have is the transition from front to back, there seems to be a slight jump. I have uploaded the current fla. Thanks for your help... lister https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7E97DA5B88D54DA7!169&authkey=!AJ5ptWllClfnZzE&ithint=file%2cfla
  7. Hi, I really appreciate all the handwork gone into these scripts... Im pretty new to Tween animation using these classes. But Im now dabbling in a small animation with a spinning coin (see http://www.ilike2flash.com/2012/06/spinning-animation-in-flash.html) This was done on a standard timeline, but Im drying to replicate this using timelinelite and I'm having a few problems (newbie coder). Im trying to scale the _x and add blur and then reveal the back from _x 0 to 1 with blur to 0. and I can't seem to get this working. Here is the code so far.. can anyone help?? import com.gree
  8. top one worked a treat..
  9. nice one carl, I'll take a look at the amended code later. Also, your link to the v12 is great, even less code is excellent. I'll let you know how I get on..
  10. I have a some animated text appending each other using TweenMax and TimeLine lite. Im pretty new to AS and was wondering how I create a nested Timeline. What I would like is the mc_1, mc_2 and mc_3 to animate (Turn blue) as the mc_4 fades in. At the moment each one has to allow the other to finish. Here is the code (My code may look a little whack as I'm pretty new to AS) http://www.velvetsou...ashBanners.html import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([TintPlugin]); //initialize settings with a 0 duration tween outs
  11. I got this working thanks for all the help, heres the code.. import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; //initialize the blur setting with a 0 duration tween outside of the timeline: TweenLite.to(mc_1, 0, {blurFilter:{blurX:50}}); TweenLite.to(mc_2, 0, {blurFilter:{blurX:50}}); TweenLite.to(mc_3, 0, {blurFilter:{blurX:50}}); //etc var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite({onComplete:myFunction}); //move mc_1 on stage and tween blurX to 0; timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_1, 1, {_x:240, ease:Elastic.easeInOut, blurFilter:{blurX:0}, ease:Bounce.easeOut}) ); //move m
  12. Is there any examples of looping animations, I'm checking the forums as well... I have the animation playing, can I place this into some function and then onComplete reset and play again? Sorry if this is a dumb question..
  13. Hi I have amended the code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_1, 1, {_x:240, ease:Elastic.easeInOut, blurFilter:{blurX:5, ease:Bounce.easeOut}}) ); timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_1, 1, {_x:-150, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}), 2); timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_2, 1, {_x:240, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}) ); timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_2, 1, {_x:-100, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}), 2); timeline.append( new TweenMax(mc_3, 1, {_x:240, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}) ); timeline.append( new TweenMa