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  1. Hello Jack, thank you for clarification. You are right, we thought the callbacks were for just the one element. This whole thing cleared up a lot, will be a great help in the future.
  2. Hello ZachSaucier, Thank you for a fast response. We used batch() merely for the convenience of using single selector for the triggers. We had no idea that the functionality of setting things in batch and individually would differ. Your edit of the example works perfectly. Thanks
  3. Hello, we're trying to replace AOS plugin with scrollTrigger as majority of our animations are done in GSAP family of plugins. Right now we're trying to figure out a way for scrollTrigger to put class on elements that are scrolled by, however none of the exposed events give us reliable results. There's a codepen example attached to the post along with a gif animation of what we're getting. The panel on the left shows scrollTrigger activities for each slide and is represented by following signs: Toggle Event: red border around box, Enter event: box with E Enter Back event
  4. It turns out IE11 has issues with flexbox when flex-basis isn't set (it doesn't support flex-basis: auto). So our workaround for now is instead of setting widths, setting min-width and flex-basis instead. https://codepen.io/driezis/pen/zYqXYKy
  5. Hello, we're working on a full-screen sliding interface and got in to a ruckus when trying to show it in IE11. It seems to be only to drag back the amount of padding instead of whole width of the content. Is this a Draggable issue or is there a way to fix it with css? Thanks in advance
  6. I updated the minimal demo with a "fix" that works for me. Instead of click event I'm tracking for pointerdown and pointerup events. On pointerdown I record the pointer Y position along with timestamp, then wait for pointerup to happen. If pointer moved less than 6 pixels to either direction and there was less than 130 millisecond span between the events I register it as a click/tap and select the item. It's a crude workaround, but at least it works for now.
  7. Hello, I've attached my chrome version screenshot. It seems the issue only happens right after drag/release. Maybe the inertia plugin is interfering with the clicks until the animation is fully done?
  8. Hey @ZachSaucier, I've made a more readable example of the issue. It's illustrated in this codepen: https://codepen.io/driezis/pen/xxVwdQL I also attached a gif to illustrate the problem. You can see that once you drag/scroll only the hover action gets registered when you tap it, and it is kind of random - sometimes clicks go through, sometimes they don't. The screenshot was recorded on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Chrome browser. The links work great in Android Firefox.
  9. Maybe try the full pen url (like the one in the screenshot)? For me it shows like the picture attached. Also I am certain that if it shows this behavior with a phone, it will be the same with Android tablets. Hiding the issue doesn't really solve it. Thank you for your patience
  10. Added the meta. Also at least on my phone, the list only shows up in landscape, we'll have a different approach to filter projects in portrait mode.
  11. Here's a gif to illustrate drag and click... The clicks/taps on the links don't always work on mobile chrome, and I don't understand why. Hope this clears it up a little.
  12. Hello Zach. Dragging is so that the entirety of projects menu could be accessible on smaller screens, so when the window is narrow you can drag it up/down to reach desired option then tap/click on it to get to the project on the right. The issue is clicking/tapping on the links. They not always work on android chrome.
  13. Hello, I've created a projects slider with interactive draggable projects menu. The snipped runs bi-directionally - if you scroll through projects it uses scrollTrigger to update the projects menu, and in reverse - if you click items in the menu, it scrolls the website to the chosen project. The problem is with the draggable projects menu, it works great on desktop and on android firefox, however in Android Chrome and on native Samsung Browser the links don't always work. It changes colour, as if the hover event fired, however touch/click doesn't register. I've tried ad
  14. Oh, my bad. Though that I was messing around with the forked one . It behaves like it should if i change the progress with onDragEnd or onRelease listeners. It just really doesn't like it when i try to use onDrag.