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  1. Hey! Thank you! Maybe i'm not so clear. I try to repeat: using gsap scrollsmoother can we edit the max delta scroll ? Like adding a custom normalize function? I want to avoid big scroll... on mobile with a big swipe i can scroll all the website... I want to set a limit of scrolling to x on big scroll or big swipe! Thank you
  2. I really tried a lot of coding and a lot of reasearch but i can't figure out... i tried to use ScrollTrigger.normalizeScroll but i can't edit the delta because it's only a reading parameters. Also tried with scrollProxy that has a setter method but on scrollsmoother but not works... You say that is possible to set a max delta on scrollsmother with observer, how?
  3. Thank you, for sure the ease function helped but what i mean i think is probably the normalization function of the scrollsmother, that we can't customize right? @GreenSock In the site i linked when you make a very big and fast scroll it normalize more then scrollsmother. With scrollsmother with a big fast scroll i can go to the end of the page.
  4. @akapowl ok sorry i make more real demo, the first example was too far from it. First: i write fast the code so the step as you suggested was already used on the real one. I use immediate render false because of if you moving particles without it you loose the position reached in other animatios. Here you can find the pen updated. As you can se if you scroll fast the particles moving too fast. https://codepen.io/aboutluca/pen/vYdwLGQ
  5. Sorry i forgot to answer, i solved using gsap endarray function
  6. Hi! I do a lot of research but i can't resolve this thing. Maybe it's the delta normalization of smoothscroller. As you can see in my pen if you scroll really fast the animation is not smooth. It is an easier example of a complicated morph particles on scroll in threejs but the fact is the same. I try to use preventOverlaps and fastScrollEnd but maybe i can't understand as they works. If look at this website: https://dnacapital.com/ and try a big scroll it is has a very good normalization of delta. So i think i have 2 problems: 1 is to understand as preventOverlaps and fastScrollEnd works and second the delta of the scroll. Can anyone help me? Thank you
  7. Is the same to do it in a cycle? like below for (let i = 0; i < this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array.length; i+=3) { const pos = { x : this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i], y : this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i+1], z : this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i+2] } gsap.to(pos, { x: pos.x + 5, y: pos.y + 5, z: pos.z + 5, duration: 5, // Make sure to tell it to update onUpdate: function () { this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i] = pos.x; this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i+1] = pos.y; this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.array[i+2] = pos.z; this.particleCloud1.particlesGeometry.attributes.position.needsUpdate = true }.bind(this) }) }
  8. Thanks, set to true it's better but not perfect, i will study more!
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I build a carousel with gsap3 starting from Sahil example linked below. I change a lot from the original and everything goes well but the movement of the carousel on mouse over isn't smooth. Can you help me? I think this is a nice carousel and can be useful for a lot of user in the future! Thanks