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  1. I made a test case with Vue CLI and the import works. So there is something wrong with my configuration ?. I will look better into it!
  2. Hi and thanks all for your replies! Still didn't solve the problem, I will make a test case soon to show the problem. @conor909 the import is on line 17 because I use vue.js single file components (the other imports works fine). How did you solve the problem? Are you importing all gsap from the folder where you have the plugins?
  3. Hello, I just bought GSAP BusinessGreen license but I have problems importing the drawSVG plugin. I'm using Vue.js single file components and I'm importing GSAP as following (GSAP is a npm module): import TweenLite from 'gsap/TweenLite' import CSSPlugin from 'gsap/CSSPlugin' import TimelineLite from 'gsap/TimelineLite' This works fine. I moved the plugin folder to my src folder and I'm importing the plugin like this: import DrawSVGPlugin from '../vendor/gsap-plugins/DrawSVGPlugin' And I get this error (see screenshot). What do you suggest? Thanks a lot!