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  1. Hey Jack, thanks for the insight. In the end, I opted for ©. It yields better results than (a) and feels more fluid in usage. Just have to tweak the hit area so that the transform rect is easily activated for lines shorter than 3px. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing. Thanks again...
  2. Curious as to what’s the best approach to allow a user to "draw" and transform a line using TM: a) use the drawing API to create a line then add Sprite/Canvas, etc to TM use SVG path to create line then add SVG container to TM c) use bitmap to create line then add bitmap to TM d) none of the above I've attempted (a) by drawing to the graphics object of a Sprite/Canvas but would prefer a solution that applies the bounds/handles to the line. Started exploring © and plan to explore ( soon. Feels like I'm over-thinking this so thanks in advance for any insights...