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  1. Thanks @ZachSaucier for sticking with me on this. It works with both versions of yarn when installing like this. Useful to know for future as I'm guessing that's how you use scope on some private packages with Yarn. I'm sure I tried it like that, but whatever it's working & I can sleep well tonight now. 😀
  2. Apologies in advance for the lengthy post but here are some steps I just took in my attempts to get it working as per what worked for you @ZachSaucier. I'm completely stumped as to how you got it working after trying again today. Initialised yarn in a new folder using yarn v1.22.10 tomwebroll@Toms-iMac sites % mkdir test && cd test tomwebroll@Toms-iMac test % yarn init yarn init v1.22.10 question name (test): question version (1.0.0): question description: question entry point (index.js): question repository url: question author: question license (MIT): question private: s
  3. @ZachSaucier - I'll respond to you properly on the previous message shortly. @scottgroovez - I'm still using v1.22.10 - Haven't had time to migrate anything over yet.
  4. Thanks for all your help so far @ZachSaucier but it's still not working unfortunately 😟 I've tried as many combinations of things that I can think of throughout all this... Here is some of what I just tried (Ran yarn cache clean in between each attempt just in case). 1. Trivial... But tried switching the order of these lines in .npmrc like my Font Awesome example above. 2. Installing with & without the suggested .yarnrc file: 3. Attempting to install yarn add gsap@npm:@gsap/shockingly, yarn add gsap@npm:@gsap/simply and yarn add gsap@npm:@gsap/member ... just in
  5. When I do that, gsap is installed like this: gsap@^3.5.1: version "3.5.1" resolved "https://registry.yarnpkg.com/gsap/-/gsap-3.5.1.tgz#... integrity sha512-... Also tried @gsap:registry=https://npm.greensock.com/ I'm not too experienced with using different registry's like this. I know it's probably a Yarn thing rather than Greensock, but the instructions don't seem to work. Is there anything else I could try?
  6. Hey @ZachSaucier, Thanks for your quick response. Yes I followed instructions. I'm using v1.22.10 ... Like I say, everything is working but I'd like to be able to install the rest of my packages from the regular registry. I'm also using Font Awesome in this project which is working correctly using scope. Looking at the installed gsap package, I should be able to install with Yarn like on your NPM instructions with scope right? I.e. yarn add @gsap/shockingly Here is my set up: .npmrc (TOKEN is replaced with my token) always-auth=true //npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=TOKEN @fo
  7. Hi all, Wondering if I'm doing something wrong when installing Shockingly reen with Yarn because all my packages are now installed via npm.greensock.com. E.g. "@babel/preset-flow@^7.0.0": version "7.12.1" resolved "http://npm.greensock.com/@babel%2fpreset-flow/-/preset-flow-7.12.1.tgz#1a81d376c5a9549e75352a3888f8c273455ae940" Is there some way of adding some scope like @gsap so that other packages can be installed from elsewhere? I can see that there is when using NPM, but I need to use Yarn for this project. Btw, everything is actually working here, but want to be able t
  8. Hi Blake, Thanks for your help with that, I didn't notice that. I checked the code after you said that & realised it had to be UglifyJS which I recently updated. The defaults had changed! Not a GSAP issue so sorry to waste your time with this. Problem solved though, thanks again. Phew!
  9. Hi! When I load this onto our website, one version works fine. On another, the eyes rotate wildly. I checked the xPercent thinking this may have something to do with it, I also checked the version we are using which is the latest. Any ideas why the eyes might go crazy when loaded onto webandroll.com.au? Thanks!
  10. Weird how it works fine with the old version but not the new version though...
  11. Hello, Thanks for both your insight & your two cents, much appreciated. I will dull down the SVG a little bit & work on optimising it, I read somewhere else about the linear gradients so will see how I get on testing! In the meantime does anybody have any idea why when I use the latest TweenMax script, the xPercent only takes effect on 1 of the 3 elements? The first pen below shows 1.19.0, the latter uses 2.0.1 Thanks again
  12. Hi Carl, Thanks a lot for that explanation, I figured that much but wondered whether trimming down the JS code into fewer timelines might help. It's funny how it loads perfectly on iPhone but not desktop! Anyway, thanks again, I'm having a lot of fun with GSAP so far, maybe I'll get back to actual work someday soon!
  13. Hello, I am fairly new to GSAP & JS as a whole so sorry in advance for such a probable basic question! I have spent the last couple of days creating a basic animation with ScrollMagic which works as intended: https://codepen.io/web_roll/pen/JBrBxb When I load it onto our site it still works, but it seems to cause a significant amount of repaints in the browser causing an unwanted lag when I scroll. So my question is - Looking at the code on Codepen, have I set this up correctly? Could it be simplified into fewer scenes to help speed this up? Thanks again!