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  1. Thanks @OSUblake! Yeah, for some reason when I try to use imports I get a "_gsap.TimelineLite is not a constructor" error in my animations.js file. You are right about state, I am just used to storing stuff in state, but I could just make a class property called "rotation" and store the animation there. And yes, the relative values for rotation seem to have fixed the problem. As far as the behavior, I am already using the onPress to stop the animation (indirectly*), but I don't want it to start up automatically on onRelease, it should only start
  2. I am working on some concentric circles that should rotate infinitely, until a user clicks on one of them, in which case it should stop the animated rotation and be draggable (rotation). Then, if a different circle is clicked, the new one should stop it's animation, but the previous one should start up again from the position where the user left it after dragging, but with it's original direction and speed. I have managed to get the pausing/unpausing behavior working correctly, except for the fact that if the user drags a band a lot (say, rotating it around fully 2 or 3 times in t
  3. Aha! Thanks @PointC, that did the trick. Now I just need to figure out why that breaks the un-pausing/restarting of the rotation animation...
  4. I am trying to set up some concentric circles that are draggable/rotatable, and I'm trying to set it up on <g> tags because there are going to be some smaller SVGs that need to rotate around as if they were attached to the large color bands. I read the pinned SVG gotchas thread, and although it doesn't mention <g> tags, it's clear that it should work because it works here: Some notes about my codesandbox demo: I had some issues trying to use TweenLite by including gsap as a dependency and using a regular import, so I commen