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  1. OSUblake just answered, i'll take a look thanks !
  2. Ty Zach, My goal is to build a pre-streaming video, showing some technics with GS collection and other things possibles with web technologies. The subject is web development and even, if I can make a simple video with specialized software i'll be able to put an image and do a rotation...(and probably have some problems with origins) but i'll not be able to do things easily like I do with web development. Plus create web animations is very funny, especially with tools like GS toolbox offering SVG drawing, morphing and so many crazy stuff. Lastly, this web animation will be interactive on the web version. I was thinking about this because of movies like Avatar that require days to compute each frame. But I'm not an animation specialist and I just can suppose what is the big process behind. To answer to the "lot of work", it's just automated screenshot script with NodeJS, then I crop images with a PHP script and probably FFMpeg have an short command to merge the final images, but for now all this is very theorical ^^ That can be effectively some work but if that is fine ill use this technic for other animations. What kind of errors can I expect ?
  3. Hello, I'm building an animation that I want to record as video but for now but I can't record screen with a 100% smooth video for x reasons. So, what do you think about the idea to slow down the animation by using the time scale, take automated screenshots and then merge them into a video format and add audio ? Does it make sense or it's a wrong way ? Thanks
  4. Sorry if you felt my frustration but you have to understand how it's frustrating to ask a very very very basic question and have 3 replies making you feel like you didn't done any search or like the problem was big (even if finally I missed a thing in the docs). Like I said my goal was to win time because like everybody I run after time, but my intention was not to be unfriendly! The .reverse() method works, thanks!
  5. It's automatic answers or a joke ? I posted to save time, but got 3 crazy answers and finally need to take time to explain a 1/10 level "problem". @mikel a codepen for this, seriously ? it's not a specific thing or a complicated thing, it's just about reversing the logic of the engine or the way the path is generated...Will you ask me for codepen if I ask you how to do a 1 + 1 ? @ZackSaucier maybe I missed it, but I didn't saw anything relating to this in the docs. @PointC Nobody know what is the first and what is the end...that's why I want to reverse thing because logically when you create a path in a way you expect the first point you put will be the first drawn (especially when I use an SVG exporter). I don't understand why to pay a fckin library when I see this kind of answers ! There is the CRAZY complicated 2 million lines codepen https://codepen.io/anon/pen/ewjVyz Note : in my original code it's wrapped in a TimelineMax instance.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to put a simple <circle> on a <line> using the Morph SVG Plugin and it's fine but...the ball come from the end. Howto make this ball start at the "real" first point on the top of the screen ? Thanks !
  7. Oh this time I'm really, really really tired... I was thinking the plugin was public, so yes I have the file ! But It's not 100% my fault, the directory "bonus-files-for-npm-users" let me think that contain file for node/npm only ^^ But you designate npm as package manager only ? That works really fine now, thanks and sorry for SPAM. My first "good" day here @Carl thanks for support everything is ok with my email/password and i will try to change email in months because It's my professional account
  8. Hello, It's 2018 and I have the same problem, so I look to the answer, but this plugin is not in any archive i've downloaded (premium or classic). It's my 3rd problem in 2 days using GSAP, the first was my activation email not received, the second a 404 error after payment, and now this Maybe GS don't want me ? Or maybe I missed something, I'm really tired. Thanks