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  1. Hi, I've make a demo on codepen! https://codepen.io/alessio-paoletti/pen/WNjYKpb this is a try, I have used css animations for the reveal animations but then i want to translate the image down as parallax transition like your first demo, but in my case with the reveal effects the parallax animation lagging.
  2. Thanks I appreciate it a lot!, However, I'll make a demo on codepen but with scrollTrigger what's the best way to do the animations triggered with a timeline and then continue in parallax on one element? Thanks for the replies!
  3. Hi! I have an animation and I have used scrolltrigger for add class to the container and then animate the elements with css, but I wont that the image translate down as parallax animation. but the parallax animation lag a lot but not the value in the ispector window, the is only on the page and there isn't a drop of frames. and if i remove the add class part animations the parallax effect is smooth. why?? and how can i solve? Link to the site
  4. Thank you! I did not ask for an explanation in detail how you answered is fine! The thread is just what I was looking for! while for Intersection Observer API I seem to find only examples in which it is used to make objects appear when they come into view, but nothing seems to me to be continuous, if you know some examples on codpen or tutorial it would be useful to see if it's for me. Otherwise thank you, I will try to read its functioning well for good!
  5. Hello! I don't understand how do you make a smooth scrolling effect of the browser in this way, and then the parallax effects controlled by the scrolling, I checked and it seems to me that both use gsap but no scrollmagic. HELP ME I WANT THIS SMOOTHNESS! https://201d.jp/en/ http://as.ouiwill.com/
  6. hi, I'm new, I would like to make animations of objects with the scrolling of the page as in this site: https://201d.jp/en/ is there a tutorial for this?